Alicia Keys Posted About Muslim Women & Twitter Had Mixed Feelings

In celebration of Muslim Woman’s Day, actress and singer Alicia Keys shared a picture on Twitter and Instagram of a Muslim woman that started a controversial uproar on social media. The picture featured a woman with her faced covered and wearing a long flowing dress, with her leg sticking out. According to the article “Alicia Keys Shared a Photo of a Woman in Traditional Muslim Dress and Everyone Is Confused,” Keys captioned her Instagram and twitter pic saying, “Our strength is in our differences. Our power is in our diversity. We are so beautiful. All of us. When we see each other. We see ourselves.”


In response to Key’s post on her social media accounts, some fans did not support the idea of her using her platform to raise awareness to problematic issue, but rather saw it as her exploiting the oppression of some Muslim woman as a publicity stunt. One twitter user who goes by “Toxic Femininity” retweeted Key’s tweet and responded by saying, “Glorifying women’s oppression must be the new feminist trend. Lost any respect I had for @aliciakeys.”

Not everyone was against the posting of his picture by Alicia Keys. Another Twitter user, Jen Houser-Cantley, tweeted saying, “Powerful words and message. You are love and light, Alicia! Thank you for being real. You are an inspiration! X.”

Keys has since deleted the tweet and photo amid the backlash.