10 Stores for Your Summer Hijab Needs

It’s hot, ya’ll! Climate change is no joke (looking at you, 45). Unless you are in Antarctica, you are feeling the summer heat by now. While dressing modestly and wearing hijab is such a blessing, it can sure feel like a curse when temperatures soar over 80 degrees. Choosing light fabrics and wrapping your scarf loosely…


U.S. Encourages Females in STEM, Unless They Are Afghan

Teams from more than 150 nations prepare to participate in FIRST Global Challenge robotics competition in Washington D.C. this summer. While most of these teams will attend in person, the first all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan will have to rely upon video feeds to see their creation compete. Despite making two hazardous voyages over 500 miles…

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Muslim Teen Attacked By White Terrorist Wielding Bacon

Ikram Ali, a 17-year-old from Enfield borough in London, U.K., had raw bacon smashed into her face by 36-year-old Walter Chivers, who was sentenced to 26 weeks in jail. This attack, like hosts of other attacks on Muslims, was unprovoked. Ali blames this attack on the media, saying she doesn’t blame him and feels there is still…


6 Ways to Entertain Kids During Taraweeh

Praying taraweeh brings so many blessings! Unfortunately, parents may not feel capable or comfortable bringing their children to the masjid for those long (and late) nights of prayer. Do not despair! There are ways to occupy your little ones while you pray. Obviously, you know your child best and what is most appropriate for their…

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5 Things You Should Know Before Taking the Shahada

Eureka! You have finally found the missing link! Perhaps you have been feeling an emptiness lurking in your heart or a general dissatisfaction with the religion you have been taught. No matter what has led you to discover Islam, you have a huge decision to make: take Shahada or not. For those of you unfamiliar…