Muslim Girl & Getty Images Deliver New Ramadan and Eid Collections


You may recall a few months ago, Muslim Girl and Getty Images teamed up to give the world a fresh and realistic view of Muslim women. This release challenged the traditional images of meek and heavily cloaked women as the mainstream face of females in Islam, easily misinterpreted as oppressed. This collaboration intends for the world to see the true diversity of Muslims.

A typical image search for Ramadan and Eid will give a plethora of pictures of lanterns, crescents, moons and stereotypical Muslims either praying or giving celebratory hugs. While these pictures serve a purpose, it does not represent the rich diversity of the Islamic community and our celebrations.


In light of Ramadan and the upcoming Eid celebration, we have teamed up again, with a special collection to illustrate this blessed time of year. This new collection includes pictures of cheerful Muslim women enjoying Iftar (breaking their fast), showing off henna and participating in acts of worship.


Join us in our excitement and take a look at the FULL Muslim Girl X Getty Images Ramadan and Eid Collection!