Muslims Help Tower Residents Escape During London Fire

Muslim residents of the Grenfell Tower fire might have been the superheroes of the most recent catastrophe that struck West London.

The fire broke out in the early hours of the morning, according to The Independent, and most residents were asleep and therefore failed to hear the fire alarms. Muslims nearby and in the building, awake for Sahur and Fajr prayer, warned residents of the fire and helped lead them to safety.

“Muslims played a big part in getting a lot of people out,” witness to the event Andre Barroso told The Independent.  

Barroso even mentioned Muslims distributed out food and clothes as well.

According to the Telegraph, the tower hosted a close community and a diverse makeup, with a significant Moroccan population.

Barroso even mentioned Muslims distributed out food and clothes as well.

The fire left devastating results for many in its wake. The Telegraph reported that some left the inflamed tower with just the clothes on their back. The St. Clements Church and Rugby Portobello trust is currently collecting necessities for the residents.

A campaign, spearheaded by Anass Boudarka, was also started on JustGiving to raise funds for the victims and exceeded its target of 4,000 euros. It is now 862% funded, raising just over 34,500 euros.

“Grenfell is more than just a tower block, it is a community of people who have been hit by a cruel tragedy,” the campaign page reads. “This is a way to extend a helping hand and support those in need especially those who have lost family members to this horrible event.”