5 Reasons Not to Quit Taraweeh Prayers

Do you get bloated or feel too full to move after breaking iftar? Do you prefer to save time washing the dishes instead of attending Taraweeh? Do you have children that make it seem impossible to focus on your imaan and prayers? Did you attend Taraweeh the first few nights of Ramadan but found yourself reaching exhaustion, fatigue and/or laziness? Do you wait to attend Taraweeh the last 10 days of Ramadan? This quick video above reminds us of the importance of praying Taraweeh.

Malay Majaani discusses five reasons not to quit Taraweeh prayers through quick breakdowns of Qur’anic verses and hadiths. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. All your sins are forgiven.
  2. You get a massive reward.
  3. It makes up for shortcomings.
  4. It benefits you, not Allah.
  5. Prayers are extremely important.

May Allah accept our efforts and forgive our sins.

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