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Muslim Girl Editor Talks Girl Power at Google Zeitgeist

Muslim Girl Editor Talks Girl Power at Google Zeitgeist

Muslim Girl’s founder and editor-in-chief Amani Al-Khatahtbeh joined YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh at Google Zeitgeist this year to talk internet bullies, sexism and racism online, and changing the world.

The conversation they have will motivate you to feel empowered, reach for your dreams and find your authentic voice.

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  • I don’t have time to watch the video. Only a few minutes before running to the station to get to the univ, where I teach first and second year women English reading. I just want to comment that I feel very humbled today, I am someone who on one hand believes he is a “born again woman’s rights supporter” but I also realize that very recently I have been sexually harassing on my emails to a particular person, I was that way because I believe I will marry her in the near future,,,,Yet, this morning I suddenly realized that my comments were really way out of line,,,not connected to the spiritual life I claim to seek,,,This is all to say that sexism, is so pervasive in our cultures (since I am in Japan) as men,,,so so pervasive and we have imbibed those messages since we were infants. Of course there are many who were raised in enviornments which were resistant or counter acted those messages, but there are too many who were not and are not,,,,yet aware,,,,It is kind of depressing for me at this moment, and yet, we ask God to forgive us and claim to start a new attempt to walk with rectitude and integrity,,,,I have a new formed sympathy for those celebs. who have made public apologies,,,,of course they were prompted to apologize after the accusations,,,,,So, I think such cultural and behavioral changes will not happen quickly….perhaps one thing we can hope for is that the advertising agencies tone down the sexism and up to the limit of sexual harassment fantasies,,,,However you know the reactions from a lot towards these women,,,,that they indirectly participated in a cultural creation business which gave the opposite messages of modesty to their customers the audiences to fulfill their sexual fantasies,,,,I hope that this industry will have its hands burned on Twitter reactions at least in the near future. and we can all hope and pray that there will be a quality of life change beginning now in LA,,,,,I am really not optimistic or pessimistic….I know the Internet has more power than we have imagined… maybe,,,,,

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