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[VIDEO] Watch Me Unbox the Muslim Girl Post-Election Care Package!
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      • I would send some Muslims to blow this online shit-hole of a blog up, but, who knows, maybe they are already on their way…

        • You sound so pitiful, you really do. It’s a small site for Muslim girls but that’s enough to threaten you. I can only imagine how pathetic your life is. I don’t know if you’re some underage troll or a full-grown adult, and honestly I’m not sure which is sadder.

          • Well, let me behave like a Muslim now…You are not “modest” enough. You need to put on your Burka and/or Hijab on, go to the back of the room, sit down, and SHUT THE FUCK UP. Your clitoris needs to be cut off because, as Allah says, it makes you “dirty”. Since you have disrespected me, and I am a male, Allah allows me to rape and sodomize you. Allahu Akbar bitch!!!

  • Apparently it’s where your ticket is to send you back to the place from which your hateful xenophobic ideas & language come from. Consider your self REBUKED in the name of Jesus the Christ & all he represents – LOVE!! Carry on Muslim Girl!!

  • Well, maybe, we’d all feel better if Islamic people did not “blow things up” all the time, actually respected LGBT instead of killing them, respected women instead of making them wear hijabs and burkas, did not kill apostates, and the list of Muslim BS goes on and on… FUCK YOU ISLAMIC SEWER TRASH…Oh, and don’t worry…the West will win…We always do…

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