The Benefits of Minimalism For Both You and the Planet

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  1. I think it’s important to understand that none of the comprehensive gun control measures currently sitting on the table are ever going to successfully curb gun crime. Round limits on magazines are largely useless, since a person can rapidly switch magazines with ease, while there exists no operational definition of an ‘assault weapon’ and if you truly believe the mentally ill are dangerous why stop with guns? You might as well go back to locking us up in padded cells and straight jackets. Mass shootings have become common place in America at a certain point in history, increasing rapidly from the 1980s onward, beginning initially with federal workers, spreading into other workplaces and then schools. This suggests that there are strong socioeconomic factors that, if unaddressed, will lead to continued violence regardless of any level of gun control. I should also note here that many mass shooters do not purchase firearms themselves but take them from friends or family, with or without their knowledge.

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