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‘Team Women’ Is a Campaign Against Daesh in Mosul

Team Women is a group of women in Mosul, Iraq who are standing up to Daesh. They consist of doctors, teachers, scientists and other brave and active women. Sputnik News spoke with a historian who has organized the group.

According to the historian, these women observe the lives of women under Daesh and help in any way they can — be it sneaking into refugee camps to pass out food and medicine, or just empowering women to be involved in the political, social and cultural aspects of life — all while adhering to the principles of Islam.

Nada Usef, a spokesperson for Team Women, spoke with Sputnik Arabic and one point she said, “Another core principle of the group is that women need to help restore the balance in life, return stability between work and their personal life, their mind and emotions. So the team provides emotional support to women in need.” Usef lives in Norway.

Team Women stands for so many things. Not only are they a helping hand for a war-torn and oppressed city, but also that they understand what help they need to provide at what times. And to top it off, they are standing tall in a place which has tried to suppress them and in their right. They are a voice for the women in Mosul and they are creating and writing their history — history from a marginalized voice which is too often forgotten.