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9 Fashion Trends for Muslim Women

Do you ever wonder what it takes to dress like a modern-day Muslim fashionista? Well, this year, there are many pieces that you can add to your wardrobe for a flawless look. Whether casual or formal, these trends allow you to show off your individualistic style while dressing modestly at the same time. Let’s get…

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10 Tips To Dress Luxuriously on a Budget

It’s a no-brainer to say that learning how to look bougie on a budget is a skill we all want to have — especially when it comes to winter clothing, which can sometimes look frumpy. Here’s the thing: winter outfits can either make you or break you. You want to feel confident, but you also…

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Here’s What Modest Wear Means to Muslim Influencers

Without a doubt, modest wear is everywhere on both social media and fashion runways, and is increasingly embraced in everyday life. Social media is one of the most effective tools for brands and influencers to share ideas on the web today, with new ideas being generated by influencers all over the world.  We asked some…

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Fashion Shows & Headscarves: What’s Your Stance?

Paris Fashion Week recently made headlines after seeing models wore headscarves on the catwalk. There are nearly 30 million Muslims living in Western societies, and ironically, we still need representation so that we can get our legitimate freedom to wear what we want without being assaulted, arrested, or forced to undress. We’re living in a…

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How Islamic Culture Influences Global Fashion

Globalization has impacted all spheres of a person’s life, and it is not referred only to innovative technologies. The fashion industry also sees incredible changes that some time ago sounded like something unbelievable. Islamic culture is just one of them. Before, Muslim clothing was taken only from a religious point of view. Today, it has…


4 Types of Versatile Eid Outfits for Day or Night

It’s almost that time! The time for Eid a beautiful celebration that I cannot wait for every year! Amazing food, vibrant clothes, and most important spending time with our family and friends. The most exciting part growing up was the new outfit I got to wear on Eid–and it still is! It is our one…