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How Islamic Culture Influences Global Fashion

Globalization has impacted all spheres of a person’s life, and it is not referred only to innovative technologies. The fashion industry also sees incredible changes that some time ago sounded like something unbelievable. Islamic culture is just one of them. Before, Muslim clothing was taken only from a religious point of view. Today, it has become a significant part of global fashion.

Islamic Clothing is Becoming a Fashion Trend

Before, outstanding designers were inspired by well-known artists and fashion during their work at new collections. Today, they focus their attention on social media users of all ages. Designers prefer to invite bloggers and influencers to their shows rather than see celebrities in the front-row seats. They are inspired by their energy, creativity, and popularity. This is how Dina Toki-O attracted thousands of followers on social media. It is almost impossible to pass her interesting posts and unique style by. 

Experts state that 1.6 billion Muslims spend not less than $120 on modest Islamic garbs per year.

Soon Bloomberg decided to discover the size of the Muslim fashion market. According to the received results, it is $96 billion. Experts state that 1.6 billion Muslims spend not less than $120 on modest Islamic garbs per year. Those brands who felt pessimistic about Islamic fashion experienced impressive drops on the market. Such an outcome encouraged them taping the Muslim fashion world in the long run. Now, it is not challenging to find a long-sleeved dress from a recognizable brand, as most top market players do their best to join the Islamic fashion world. 

Of course, the idea of Islamic women’s clothing is quite fresh, but Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries like these, try to investigate the possibilities of promoting the following concept worldwide.  For example, Indonesia takes Europe as a perfect export destination. It aims to become a hub of the Muslim fashion industry by 2020. It doesn’t mean that other countries like the USA don’t consider Islamic clothing style. They do but in a more relaxed way.

What Do Muslim Fashion Designers Offer?

At present, plenty of Muslim women and men participate in important events like the Olympics. Therefore, it is important to make some changes to their wardrobes. Muslim outfits should be both modest and modern. As a result, the designer’s present full-sleeved T-shirts, modern Muslim dresses, sports-friendly headscarves, jackets, and loose-fitted trousers. It is not difficult to pick up a great outfit in a necessary style: casual, watersports, or exclusive.

Other important things like scarves and hats are also available. For example, you can find stylish hats in different colors, and scarves are made in various fabrics. Some people are still mistakenly thinking that Jellabiya for men can be only classic.  In fact, now it is coming in a customized style that is both modest and comfortable. Moreover, hijabs are available in different nice styles. Hence modern women can adhere to religious rules and still remain attractive. Those ladies in Muslim countries who work can choose long trousers, full-sleeved shirts, and long coats. It may sound surprising, but some outfits are priced at $10,000 and even then be in high demand with people. All in all, Muslim clothing is becoming a crucial trend in the modern world. This is what you can learn while order write my essay online and widening your horizons with the help of experts. According to the recent surveys, the tendency will preserve in upcoming years.

Islamic Culture & Global Fashion: What to Expect

Only a few years ago, Islamic clothing was plain and predictable. Local designers didn’t work out anything interesting so that there was nothing to discover. Recently the situation has changed a lot. The head covering is not a simple item anymore.  Now it is a nicely designed garment and popular product. Additionally, there is a shift and growth in the fashion trend towards Arabian couture, and it seems like this trend will keep leading positions in upcoming years.

The style of young Muslims is evolving.

Comparing Muslim fashion with the world-famous couture of Milan, Paris, etc., is not reasonable. Still, it is very inspiring. This explains why numerous designing houses worldwide are interested in presenting their own range of Muslin clothing. The style of young Muslims is evolving. It includes trends and culture that designers worldwide are willing to add to their own collections. It is not surprising actually since the Muslim culture is very diverse. It is ready to share a deep view of how traditional wear can be modified and look differently at the present time.  Inspired designers are trying to create styles that are not only beautiful but also comfortable and ready to satisfy the needs of modern women. Most of these ladies are seeking a garment that hides the body areas from neck to ankle beautifully. The outfits look modest but modern for the present time. 

Final Thoughts

The fashion industry never stops and always renews itself in order to stay alive. Perhaps you noticed that many trends and designers repeat themselves from time to time.  Of course, they refresh a previous look of the design, but after all, it is not original anymore. That’s why designers pay attention to Muslim fashion as it has a lot of new and interesting aspects to explore. It provides experts with new opportunities and an incredible inspiration to present something new and unique. A fashion industry that for so many years has thrived on girl’s naked bodies now can’t keep doing it anymore. As a result, Islamic culture impacts global fashion and introduces a fresh breath for designers.

Ruth Harding is an inspired fashion writer from, who is ready to share interesting and recent information with readers.