What Our Immigrant Parents Gave Up Is Unimaginable

In this op-ed, Omaira, a Canada-based lifestyle blogger and self-proclaimed “HR Evangelist and Mommy” reflects upon life as a brand new immigrant, and the sacrifices our parents make to ensure better opportunities for their children. For more from Omaira, be sure to check out her Instagram page! We moved to Canada some 12 years ago….


Do We Really Need More Creative Spaces for Muslim Women Writers?

As it was my first trip to Canada, it is fitting that I covered the first time Daybreak Press’ Muslim Women’s Literary Conference was in Toronto, Canada. “There is a space to fill!” Daybreak Press and Rabata founder, Tamara Grey, uplifted the audience. Rabata provided the space, both for writers, and women of faith, with…


“How Come Your English Is So Good?”

You are probably reading this because you have received a comment along the lines of the title of this piece. It is not uncommon, and if you have not, then expect it at any time and place. Here it goes: I moved to Montreal, Canada from Kuwait when I was 18 years old. I did…


What Does Legalizing Weed Mean for Canadian Muslims?

In case you’ve been living under an American-centric rock: recreational weed was legalized across Canada on October 17 (now affectionally and unofficially dubbed “Weed is Legal” Day). When I opened my eyes this past Wednesday morning, I was greeted by a storm of “Happy Legalization” messages from non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Now, I know what…


Nationalism, Hatred, and Anti-Muslim Violence in Canada

Before beating Muhammed Abu Marzouk in a Mississauga parking lot so severely he needed brain surgery, Janis and Adem Corhamzic shouted to him and his family: “Fucking Arab people! Terrorists!” It has been reported that the men delivered a series of blows to Muhammed while his wife pleaded with them to stop and while his…


The #MeToo Moments Continue at Canada’s Parliament Hill

After accusations of assault were made against members of the Canadian government, like Jamie Baillie and Patrick Brown, with resignations following, the issue of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s alleged misconduct 18 years ago has resurfaced in the media. At the Kokanee Summit Festival in August 2000, the then 28-year-old Trudeau was accused of groping a female…


But It Ain’t No Lie, Harper Bye Bye Bye!

NSYNC lyrics apply to everything, even in Canada. Canada’s recently-turned-Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s number one goal this election season was to make Canadians overlook his many, many failures in the last 10 years spent in office. Harper and his team tried to use the distraction method to win elections this year, and their distraction of…


Canadians’ Gesture to Muslims Made Our Jaws Drop

I don’t know about you, but being someone who’s in a constant state of anger against injustices around the world, I could use a little heart-warming sometimes. Oftentimes when I scroll down my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds, all I see are stories of horrors around the world. “Black teenager shot dead.” “Death toll in…