Poem: Porcelain Doll

Written by Mina Khan.

They tell you a woman’s beauty is found in her fragility

A delicately wrapped masterpiece made up of desirability, fertility, nobility, and possibility.

Armoured with a self defense kit

Or an apologetic submit.


They tell you, YOU are a porcelain doll.

An exquisite piece of art

Carved and painted to perfection,

So you can one day be held by arms that will protect your masterpiece.


That is why you were always taught to grow in, as your brother grew out

You kept your thoughts to yourself as his questions extended to places you were not allowed to


You were told to keep quiet because your opinions would make you less beautiful.

They said you are already a symphony

Able to captivate the least interested spectator

So don’t speak.

Let your beauty do it for you.

Allow your eyes to enchant your way through class

Make your smooth skin a distraction for when havoc arises

Let your lips be a gateway to an endless drop of prices

This is why your mother told you to stay shielded because the world is a dangerous place.

Where the body is used to communicate, she didn’t want you to be just another statistic,

But innocent girl, you never understood that…


Until unwanted arms grabbed your delicate masterpiece and broke it,

Shattering you to pieces.


He went finger painting over your perfection.

Blurring lines and ruining flawlessly carved edges.

You are no longer an untouched, exquisite piece of art, they say

You have been used.

The package around you torn to pieces, while your insides are vacant and hollow.

Your fragility is now broken into shards of glass that no one can put together again.

Or was it that no one wants to try.

They say you are now weathered down and beaten like a broken doll

Dented and scratched,

Painted face fallen and forlorn

But you are not a doll.


They tell you that your sanctity is ruined, your purity tarnished, and your beauty gone.

As if he could make your masterpiece his home when it was never his to touch, never his to

unravel, never his to use.

He was an uninvited guest that walked in and out too quickly before you could even notice.


But remember this, your beauty was not stolen from you

And you are not broken.

You are a survivor,

For real beauty lies within.

Fill your empty soul with unspoken words, for now, your beauty shouldn’t speak for you.