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There’s Now An Even Better Arabic-Mix Version of ‘Despacito’

There’s Now An Even Better Arabic-Mix Version of ‘Despacito’

If you haven’t heard Luis Fonti’s Despacito by now, where have you been? The catchy tune is the perfect summer jam, especially the original Spanish version. It seems that the song pairs well with any language; Justin Bieber heard it and insisted on making a remix, and now YouTuber Noel Kharman — who regularly mashes American pop songs with Arabic classics — has proved that the single sounds even better with Arabic introduced to the mix. Have a listen.

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    • Probably under some interpretations – pity though – it is beautiful as are the musicians, absorbing rhythm, sunshine, a wonderful environment – what gifts!
      Thank goodness such compassion and creativity is welcome here, where it is posted, where people can practice religion however they interpret it.
      But, if it bothers you to watch it or you find it sinful – then just don’t click play. You certainly aren’t a bad person for watching it – even if there are some who would try to make you think you are.
      Celebrating peace, life and beauty just can’t be a bad thing.

  • seems like no one is interested to respond to my curosity. As this site is representing islam, i asked a simple question, “Is this kind of music Haram in Islam or not? i’m trying to be a true Muslim Girl and that wouldn’t be possible being in Haram right? so I wanted to know the stand point of this site on this type of music. Please guide me!

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