Written by Yasmine Rachidi.


If this mirror could talk

she’d show me who I am

Cause she knows me better

And I hate her the most

Yet, she’s not worthy


I can’t stand her

I don’t wanna see my reflection

The lines all around my thighs

The red coming out of my belly

It looks like I cut myself,

I didn’t.


I try to touch them,



This belly is too big

The red scars are too deep

These boobs are too saggy

My thighs are Siamese twins

they can’t breathe

There’s no gap

between the skin.


I stare at my reflection

My eyes tear up

I don’t like what I see

I turn the mirror around

I grab my jumper,

A big one

I put it on

to cover that ton






How really big am l?


I grab her,


The scale



I take my clothes off

I’m naked

Oh wait,

my earrings.


I’m done


hold me tight

I’m just a wight


They say

“you’re more than just a number”

but this number

is always the same,

I guess,

my size won’t change

after all,

this belly is too strange.