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#OurThreeBrothers: Do You See Us Black Muslims Now?

#OurThreeBrothers: Do You See Us Black Muslims Now?

On Wednesday night, the bodies of three young Muslim men were found dead in an Indiana home. The victims were Mohamedtaha Omar, 23, Adam Kamel Mekki, 20, and Muhannad Adam Tairab, 17. They were found with multiple bullet wounds in what police reported as an execution-style shooting.
This triple homicide occurred five days ago and news of their murder only surfaced on social media Sunday morning, after it was almost entirely ignored by mainstream media.
This is not new. It’s become clear that Muslim bodies are only newsworthy when they are responsible for a crime and not when they are the victims. Similar to the case of Yusor, Deah and Razan, may Allah have mercy on their souls, the deaths of these young people would have been simply ruled off as a homicide with very little attention, if it were not for their families.
However, there is a startling difference in these two tragedies: The response from the Muslim community. From our supposed Ummah, there has been a deafening silence.
It’s impossible not to notice that this is the exact opposite response that the Chapel Hill Shooting received. It did not take five days for news of their murder to break. Although the victims all shared a religion, in the case of the Indiana shooting, the victims were Black Muslims of the African Diaspora, whereas the Chapel Hill victims were not.

We love to complain about injustices against Muslims, but in our own mosques choose to echo so many oppressive views. We want justice, but only for some of us. We talk about Islamophobia but never anti-Blackness.

We as Muslims are quick to highlight double-standards in media and societies overall portrayal of Muslims, but why are we so reluctant to acknowledge our own selective mourning?
Racism is an ugly reality in many Muslim communities that we consistently choose to ignore. We pray shoulder to shoulder beside the same people who see black skin as bad skin. We allow them into our safe spaces, protest along side them, break our fasts with them and then when we mourn for the loss of Black Muslim lives, we are met with their silence.
Muslims, let’s talk about our racism. Let’s talk about how we are only an Ummah when it applies to non-Black bodies. How we only ever rally for Arab countries, protest for every uprising in Palestine and injustice in the Middle East, but are met with silence when it is Black Muslim bodies that are facing persecution. We stand up for the same ethnic groups that refer to Black bodies as slaves. The same ethnic groups that have a dessert called “Ras El 3abed,” and we do it because regardless of the heavy racism they are still our Muslim brothers and sisters.
But this is enough. This selective mourning, this deciding whose oppression deserves outrage is hindering our ability to move forward not only as a community but also as human beings. Muslims need to confront their anti-Blackness, especially in times of rampant Islamophobia.

We chose to pick apart their character. Why? Does sinning make you less Muslim? Because if that is the case, racism would make most Muslims I know barely Muslim.

I moved to Toronto after university, and the first Muslim I ran into was my cab driver. He was Egyptian and when he found out I was away from my family and living on my own, he chose to give me advice. “You’re like my daughter,” he said, “I’ll give you the same advice I give her.”
His advice was that if I wanted to be safe in Toronto, I needed to stay away from Black people. He said this to me, a Black Muslim woman. He said this casually, in a way where I knew he believed it with all of his being. And when I told him that was racist, his response was that it’s not racism if it’s not true.
Can we pretend for a quick moment that he was white, and had said this about Muslims? That’s actually not that hard to imagine considering the current political climate. Politicians are comfortably spreading an anti-Islamic rhetoric that leads to hate crimes like Chapel Hill and possibly the death of Mohamedtaha, Adam, and Muhannad.
We love to complain about injustices against Muslims, but in our own mosques choose to echo so many oppressive views. We want justice, but only for some of us. We talk about Islamophobia but never anti-Blackness.
Where were non-Black Muslims at #BlackLivesMatter protests? As if the original Muslims in the United States were not Black. As if the original Arabs were not Black. We expect allies but oppress other groups for our own liberation. We erase Black Muslims because they do not fit into our narrative of what a Muslim looks like.
I can’t help but ask, what would my own community do if my 7-year-old brother was murdered? Would he be afforded the privilege of his death being investigated as a hate crime? Or would his Muslim identity be erased and he labeled another Black thug? Would it matter that he kissed my mother every night before he went to bed and prayed every Isha at the mosque with my dad every night?

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If you are not as outraged at the deaths of these three young men as you were with the deaths of the Chapel Hill victims, you are what’s wrong with the Muslim Ummah.

In so many of the conversations Muslims had following the news of the Indiana shooting, questions that arose surrounded gang-violence and drugs. Were these boys in gangs? Were they drinking that night?
And although police ruled that these boys were not involved in gang activity and that none of the boys were drinking the problem is that rather than simply mourning the loss of three young men with beautiful hearts and bright futures, we chose to pick apart their character. Why? Does sinning make you less Muslim? Because if that is the case, racism would make most Muslims I know barely Muslim.
I will not sugarcoat this: If you are not as outraged at the deaths of these three young men as you were with the deaths of the Chapel Hill victims, you are what’s wrong with the Muslim Ummah.
Believe me when I say, Islam is not for people like you. I won’t share my religion with people who actively seek to erase my narrative. I would rather fight for my own liberation alongside those who share my heart, rather than those who pretend to pray to the same God while living their lives in a way that insults the teachings of Islam.

Written by Eman Idil.
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  • Sister.. thank you for this thought-provoking piece, and your honesty. On my part, I’m not “as outraged at the deaths of these three young men as [I was] with the deaths of the Chapel Hill victims” simply because I don’t know yet whether this was a hate crime or something else. I think this is why some are asking about the character of these kids; to figure out whether or not the executions were racially motivated or something else was involved. I don’t think we should jump to conclusions, regardless of the skin color of the victims (unless there is info out there that I’m not aware of, confirming this as a hate crime). But I do agree with you that there is racism within our Muslim communities.. and not just towards blacks. Peace..

    • “I think this is why some are asking about the character of these kids; to figure out whether or not the executions were racially motivated or something else was involved.”

    • The fact that no one questioned the Chapel Hill victims’ deaths and people are questioning these three brother’s deaths is racist in itself. If the victims were any other race of Muslims, Asian, Arab, European, it doesn’t matter…their deaths would AUTOMATICALLY be labeled as a hate crime by FELLOW MUSLIMS. Muslims are skeptical and doubting these three brothers’ innocence BECAUSE they are black. Allahul Musta3an. HasbunAllah Wa Ni3mal Wakeel.

      • sure layla, you can make unfounded accusations against people you don’t know as you wish. so you believe any crime against muslims should be “AUTOMATICALLY” labeled a hate crime? no other reasons are possible at all?
        as for the chapel hill murders, there was evidence of it being a racially motivated crime. if i saw the same evidence here, i would have reacted the same way. or maybe i’m just a racist liar and you have me all figured out…

        • Okay everyone continue to say “what were they doing?”. First if they were hoped up on crack and drank a gallon of liquor doesn’t mean that their death shouldn’t be mourned! As a Muslim it is your obligation to cover your bro and sis faults!

          • excuse me valerie, can you show me where i even suggested that they shouldn’t be mourned? it seems many here are just going on emotion and not even pausing to understand anything else that is being said. i do not agree that every crime against a muslim should be automatically labeled as a racially motivated hate crime, until there is information indicating that.

          • I didn’t say that you didn’t suggest they shouldn’t be mourned. I said i and theircommunitiesfeltitwas doneout ofhatetheywhynot as a muslimt lims then dont matter what they were doing, they where still Muslim! If these children families are saying they were good Muslims and their community believe that it was hard then why as a Muslim would you take the media non Islamic view over amuslim?

          • your post did imply that, sister. and now you’re saying that i adopted the media’s view over a muslim’s view. actually, i didn’t state any view; i merely asked whether there is information suggesting this to be a racially motivated hate crime.

          • She is not making any unfound accusations Haithem it came out of your mouth or in this case you posted your exact thoughts. Another thing Haithem even before the investigation was complete for the Chapel Hill shooting it received a lot more response and support before the investigation was over, where as our 3 brothers being killed has surfaced the media 5 days after the tragedy. It is something to ponder on for everybody as to why people are jumping to negative conclusions when a very similar incident occurred and that was not the general reaction/ response given.

          • the accusation of racism (against people who did not “AUTOMATICALLY” label this as a racially motivated hate crime) is unfounded. what is it that “came out of my mouth” that indicates to you that i am a racist? and i don’t think everyone is jumping to negative conclusions.. at least i know i’m not. i am just not jumping to the conclusion that you are jumping to. if you can show me that your conclusion is correct, i would have no hesitation in supporting that. so far, i just do not know whether or not this was a racially motivated hate crime. it looks very possible, and likely, but it doesn’t seem as clear-cut as the NC case. if that makes me racist in your mind, so be it.
            fyi, i’m active with the #blacklivesmatter movement here in austin, and it’s very strange that i have to defend myself from such wild accusations just because i didn’t jump to a conclusion when i lacked the necessary information to do so. if you have such information, it would be far more beneficial to share that instead of supporting unfounded accusations against a fellow muslim whom you do not know and don’t seem to understand.

          • I may have misunderstood your post then and i do apologize about that. Haithem i did not imply that you were racist all i am just saying is that the responses that i have been observing are in general not positive ones when viewing this tragedy and regardless they were still 3 Muslim men that were killed, but many wont leave at that. It is great that you a re part of the movement(Mashallah) and again i do apologize if you felt i was attacking you. Peace and Blessings

          • thank you for understanding, s-star. i realize this is a high-emotion issue and many are expressing their raw feelings (pro or con) without pausing to think for a moment or understand.
            i do want to say unequivocally that i mourn those 3 brothers just like we all should, whether muslim or not. i find it amazing that some of the posters question this and are trigger-happy with the accusation of racism (including the article’s author).
            the point of disagreement, and cause of hostility and accusations, is that i don’t agree to just automatically claim every muslim death as a racially motivated hate crime. some are and some aren’t; it is a disservice to claim that all of them are, without verifying first. with the NC case, it was pretty clear cut, especially since the murderer actually confessed his anti-muslim feelings. with our 3 boys here, is it clear cut? if it is, i would love that information, and i will be as vocal as anyone about it.
            btw, a muslim iraqi (white) man was killed in dallas a couple of months ago. it turned out not to be a hate crime. i wonder if all the posters who are attacking me here automatically jumped to the conclusion that this was a hate crime and were as outraged about it and attacked anyone who asked questions about it? i would guess not. hmm….

          • His sister and cousin came out to say they were good kids and were not involved in gangs or drugs. I just want to ask you Haitham, are you going to give this family the benefit of the doubt? Or wait until people completely dig out for anything they find to justify the murders?
            And i doubt you know very much about the black lives matter movement. Because what you are saying is exactly what they said about Trayvon Martin and other young boys shot by the police. Your “not jumping to conclusions” is really just an excuse for your lack of empathy.

          • i guess you have me all figured out, sarah; i’m someone who lacks empathy. so you’re asking me to give the family the benefit of the doubt (which i will; i wasn’t aware of what they said), while in the same breath you refuse to give me the benefit of the doubt and have made your judgement about my personal traits and even my honesty. sorry to say this, but it sounds hypocritical to me, and not so muslim.

          • Jazakallah that’s all I’m attempt to say, why is not the general reaction when it comes to dark complected Muslims. I’m not gonna debate with another Muslim about truth! Especially not in front of non Muslims but having Pakistani / Palestinian close friends that tell me that this is perpetually taught in the culture, but thank Allah culture don’t have a place in Islam BC it has its own culture!

  • Al hamdulillah sis awesome post. Wallahi. I have been speaking about this with my husband and so many for so long and I’m so glad to read this. I have shared ot and will continue to speak out against this atrocity insha Allah. May Allah swt grant our brother Jannat Al Firdaus and unite all the true believers ameen. As Salaamu alaikum. Fi Aman Allah

  • Thank you for being HONEST about the anti-Blackness so obviously rampant in Islam. I’ll even take it a step further. Anti-Blackness is seen so strongly throughout the Arab world. I’ll NEVER understand why any Black person would want to be Muslim or associate with Arabs, the first people to institutionalize the slave trade. They are responsible for planting the seeds of anti-Blackness to the world — white people simply perfected the supremacist attitude arabs held against others, particularly BLACK people. Oh, and I’m glad you say the first Arabs were BLACK, most people don’t seem to know the brown arab is a MULATTO arab. How can these people be so EVIL to the very people who are ANCESTRAL TO THEM? Sorry, I just don’t like arabs, not at all. Their cold reaction to the death of 3 young BLACK muslim men should come as NO SURPISE, when they have shed so much Black blood for centuries, and even up to this very day…

    • Islam is bigger than the Arab world, and being Muslim and associating with Arabs is not necessarily synonymous. Although to that point there are many Black Arabs. The first community to offer refuge to persecuted muslims was in Ethiopia, the first muezzin was Black and the first official religious (recorded) declaration against racism was made by Muhammad (s). What (many) Arabs have done with it is since then is another question… but their culture certainly doesn’t hold a monopoly on the faith.

      • Lol, I like how you guys are coming out the woodwork with your apologetic views towards arabs/islam. I don’t like Arabs b/c they are inherently racist from the books they call holy. The Quran, Hadith, etc reinforces so-called arab supremacy, which is just a weaker and geographically smaller version of global white dominance. Your reply even indicates that you understand that arabs have since mis-appropriated the earliest version of Islam which was cultivated by BLACK ARABS, but all I can do is go by the holy books they read today and ALL are very RACIST in nature and not to mention very misogynistic as well. Why are Black muslims surprised that white/mulatto arabs are racist when their holy book by its very content contains so much anti-Blackness? Arabs are NOT YOUR BROTHERS they are the first people to ENSLAVE BLACKS ON A COLOR BASIS!!!

        • “all I can do is go by the holy books they read today and ALL are very RACIST in nature”
          I’m intrigued. Quotes, please?

          • Why are you all acting brand new, as if you don’t know the Islamic holy books are very racist, arab-centric, and anti-Black? Here’s but a few…. for the silly Black people who insist on following the arabs religion (yes, the arabs believe the quran was given to THEM as the messengers of allah, and are sanctioned by allah to kill disbelievers/infidels). Arabs are a demonically-possessed SICK lot people, and the silly Blacks who follow them deserve what they get:
            Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Apostle said, “You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin.”
            The most hateful among the creation of Allah is one black man among them (Khwarij). One of his hand is like the teat of a goat or the nipple of the breast.
            Noah prayed that the prophets and apostles would be descended from Shem and kings would be from Japheth. He prayed that the African’s color would change so that their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks.
            “Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs] begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the hair of Ham’s descendants would not grow beyond their ears, and that whenever his descendants met Shem’s, the latter would enslave them.”
            ‘There comes to sit with you a black man with long flowing hair, ruddy cheeks, and inflamed eyes like two copper pots. His heart is more gross than a donkey’s; he carries your words to the hypocrites, so beware of him.’ This, so they say, was the description of Nabtal.
            “I have heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal.’ He was a sturdy black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.
            It is your folly to fight the Apostle, for Allah’s army is bound to disgrace you. We brought them to the pit. Hell was their meeting place. We collected them there, black slaves, men of no descent.
            The black troops and slaves of the Meccans cried out and the Muslims replied, ‘Allah destroy your sight, you impious rascals.’
            “Abu Darda reported that the Holy Prophet said: Allah created Adam when he created him (sic). Then He stroke (sic) his right shoulder and took out a white race as if they were seeds, and He stroke (sic) his left shoulder and took out a black race as if they were coals. Then He said to those who were in his right side: Towards paradise and I don’t care. He said to those who were on his left shoulder: Towards Hell and I don’t care. – Ahmad”
            Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed.
            And on the day of resurrection you shall see those who lied against Allah; their faces shall be blackened. Is there not in hell an abode for the proud?

          • So you’re a racist and want to call others racist. There’s a lot of self hatred going on and you need some cleansing.
            Slavery back then wasn’t based on skin,. If you go to Saudi Arabia today, the tribe that runs the military are BLACK. But they don’t share your history. They see themselves as proud Saudis and are respected because of that. Historically, we go by tribal status. My mothers family were under the rule of the Abyssinians in which many Omanis were slaves aka servants to the Ethiopians. So, again, don’t try to spew a history you know nothing about. I don’t sit here victimizing myself because Arabs from the Arabian peninsula enslaved Ethiopians after the fall of Yemen.
            But the Ethiopian in me is proud of my Islamic/Christian history. Our King Negus, chosen by the Prophet as a message from Allah to seek refuge because he was righteous and honourable King of Christian orthodox. Of all the different empires that existed then, it was the great Ethiopia that was chosen. It makes me proud as a daughter of the country.
            As for your fake hadiths you posted from islamphobe sites…very typical of a racist like you. The sad part is, you’re an African American.

          • No sweetheart, I’m a BLACK AFRICAN, and any BLACK AFRICAN that practices the religion of their oppressors are the self-haters, which would clearly be YOU (not me, hun). You would do well to do some self-cleansing your damm self, I’m not the one on here prostituting myself in front of arabs and caping for their religion. You look soooooo pathetic, girl stop it. As for those so-called “proud” Saudis, I ain’t taking that away from them, their ancestors were the very first Arabians anyway. You’re stuck on stupid: you seem to not understand that the Black skin-color does NOT stop at the African border, the very first peoples the world over were Black, their descendants can be see today throughout Arabia, India, South Asia and Oceania. Bones of obviously “Bantu” looking peoples have been unearthered throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. So to see Black saudis should come as NO surprise, not every Black person in the ME and North Africa are immigrants or descended from slaves. I’m Black African, and those “proud” Saudis who probably get SPAT ON during Hajj are Black Arabs. So what’s your point?
            And for the record, my people were never “stolen”. Yours perhaps, but not mine. Take that “L” and stick it on that 5-head of yours for ASSuming you know me, you mixed-breed trick, lol. You tried but failed woefully, holla back when you can disprove ANYTHING I’ve said regarding the racist Hadiths you all suddenly don’t read anymore, lololol……

          • But of course you’re unable to prove ONE thing I said, lol. The only thing you got right is that I am a Islamophobe, I HATE mooooslims, particularly the arab ones, the idiot Black ones are just too stupid to realize they are brothers to swell your numbers only. If I am “racist” for calling you arabs out then, I am a PROUD one… but I’m not the one with a sordid history of equating Blackness with slave….. YOU people are…. you better try again, lol…

          • Honey, hadith are a dime a dozen. You also haven’t provided a single citation for any of those marvelous quotes. And the internets is so full of people making up marvelous quotes. As you seem to be somewhat confused about what constitutes a holy book in Islam, i’ll simplify it for you. It’s the Quran. I thought you were going to come back with racist quotes from the Quran, and I would have been amazed. Now i’m sitting here in all my brand-new-ness somewhat disappointed.
            Also, considering Arabs really did trade in slaves from the Caucuses through Persia and into Africa, could you elaborate on what you mean by they brought “SKIN COLOR into the equation”? Thanks.

          • Oh, so ‘you people’ don’t read from the Hadiths now? You can’t separate the Hadiths from the Quran, boo-boo… don’t try to distance your faith and its teachings from the Hadiths now, but I see you tried it, lol! And I’ve already provided your bootlicker friend “Valerie” with PLENTY of quotes SPECIFICALLY from your filthy quran, so go scram and read my posts to her, thanks. The very fact that ‘you people’ made the word “abed” SLAVE anonymous with the word BLACK indicts you and your STUPID religion well enough as RACIST. I don’t see a centuries-long sordid history of commercialized and institutionalized brutal slavery among the peoples of the Caucuses and Persia, sweetheart. Have you ever associated the slaves throughout the Caucuses synonymous with the word “white”? No, I didn’t think so. Now is that enough enlightenment for you?

        • arabs were not the first to enslave blacks on the basis of skin color. blacks were the first on earth and the first to enslave each other. WE were the first to do it to each other. the difference is that blacks and arabs for the most part engaged in household slavery/household servitude. arabs and blacks traded slaves. in arab society there were also arab and persian slaves….in america slavery was of course color coded and it was the basis of the country’s economy.

          • Shellie, re-read your first two sentences. You think you contradicted me, but you failed. Arabs were the first people to bring SKIN COLOR into the equation when it came to slavery. And they INSTITUTIONALIZED IT. Africans didn’t capitalize on indentured servitude nor enslave each other based on SKIN COLOR. Now please go brush up on the Trans-Sahara slave trade and tell others with a straight face it was Africans who bankrolled it (rolls eyes)

          • LMAO!
            Africans didn’t capitalize on indentured servitude nor enslave each other based on SKIN COLOR
            History aside, the top ten countries with the highest slavery index TODAY, 8 of them are West African nations. The very same place were slaves were kidnapped.
            I see you’re in denial but the sad part is West Africans today continue to CAPILTAZIE ON INDENTUIRED SLAVERY. But because they are all Bantu majority, they slave each other based on tribal status.
            Good try though, now go home.

          • Where are all these West African countries with the highest slave index, do tell. I can tell you that those muslim nations of West Africa (Chad, Niger, Mauritania) are high in the slave trade largely due along ethnic (arab) and religious (mooooslim) lines. No surprise there.
            The one in denial here is you, a mixed-breed, Afro-Arab mooooolsim. Such a dreadful combination. You’re no different than the janjaweed, a bunch of islamicized african mutts with delusions of grandeur thinking they’re arabs (when ya’ll are nothing but abed/kushim, lol) and go on rampages killing and terrorizing REAL Africans FOR NO GOOD REASON (I believe in islam, you people call it jihad).
            So you see you silly rabbit, tricks are kids lol. I ain’t going NOWHERE, I rather enjoy exposing the likes of arab racism, and the pathetic BLACK (or mixed-breed) losers like YOU who try to defend it (but you can’t, of course). You’d do better to try again…..

          • I can tell you don’t know what you are saying. West Africans aren’t Bantus. Bantu is a linguistic group that is mostly in south and eastern Africa. Only one West African country has Bantu speakers and that is Cameroon. What with east African throwing the word around without even knowing what that means. Kind of shows how ignorant you are of the continent that you claim you come from. Bet you think all west Africans look alike and have the same feature too even though they are far more diverse in physical appearance than any other region on the continent.

    • Al-Islam is not an Arab religion just like Christianity is not a Caucasian religion. We are Muslim because we believe that their is only one G’d and He is the creator of man, not man. He is the creator of colors so one can not put a color on Him. As for the history of racism, that is a whole nother story and is world wide, not just belonging to Arabs.
      When we start hating a whole group of people because of their nationality or the color of their skin, it makes us no better then those who are racist. We are all creations of G’d, He gave each of us our colors, and who is the best at coloring then He? Everyone should love who they are, and respect each other for who we are. In the Holy Qur’an G’d said He could have made us all the same but He made us different so we could know and learn from one another (I paraphrase), you can read the whole verse in Sura (chapter) 49 Ayat (verse) 13 of the Holy Qur’an. So let’s talk respect for the human race, which we all are a part of; instead of spreading discord and hatred.

      • You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know…all 3 Abrahamic religions have its root in Black people. Abraham and the people around him, from Sumer to KMT comprised of various Black-skinned people. The ancient Mesopotamians were Black, as were the ancient peoples of the Levant and North Africa — these places are populated by light-skinned mulattoes now, miscegenated with Turks, Greeks, Romans, Aryans, Persians etc, who we now essentially call Arabs. So the Hebrew Torah, Christian Bible and Arabic Quran all started with Black-skinned people, but the people who appropriate these books now (Jews, Caucasians, mulatto Arabs) exhibit virulent anti-Blackness. So please save your speech for THESE people who not only initiated the hate and discord in the first place, but SPREAD it through their modified interpretations of the holy books written by the very people they hate.
        While you’re quoting the Quran, add the quotes that associate Black people with Jinns, slaves and “raisin heads” lolol…..

        • What you say is true and I often wonder why when we speak on the racism then conveniently Color Don’t Matter? But as far as the Quran it doesn’t speak on those last statement, those are ahadith and other Arab books, then the world black means different things during different time span’s

          • Oh Valerie… you’ve witnessed and pointed out the hypocrisy of arabs like Jenanah W. Amatullah-Muqsit.. this is what they do. Just like any other racist, they get defensive/dismissive when their racism gets called out and try pull the switcharoo trick and label those who call them out as “spreading discord and hate”. My people (Africans) don’t have a history of spreading discord and hate — ARABS do. They are destroying my continent through THEIR hate and THEIR discord, since they first entered East Africa. Which brings me to my next point…
            The Quran is racist, stop being so blind. The Bible never SEPARATES people by color, nor does any other holy book, but Islam, its authors, holy books, etc sure do. Stop being so naive. Read my post above of racist quotes found throughout the Muslim holy books, you can’t separate the racist Hadiths from the Islamic faith and its teachings.

          • As many times that I have read Quran I never read about what you are saying. Yes I have read books ofhadith or others books with some of the racism you speak on but I’ve never seen it in Qur’an so could you leave a source so that I may go research this. What surah, or ayaat.And yes you can when your implying that Islam was sent to Arabs. When they are actually a very small percentage of Muslims. I draw my faith through what the prophet maythe peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. And he said there is no Arab better than another, black better than white, the only thing that makes you exaltedabove the next person is piety andgooddeeds, neither which have anything to do with color. And I’m just paraphrasing part of his last speech.

          • Valerie, let that go. Mohammed said one thing and did another. In one quote he says Islam is a religion of peace, the next he declares jihad on peaceful unbelievers. He loves Blacks in one quote, but equates them to slaves and raisin heads the next. Which is it? Just go by the historical record…. Islam’s effects on slavery in Africa/Mid East is no different than Christianity’s in the Americas. Islam is very anti-Black, Blacks look foolish caping for arabs and practicing their (yes, THEIR) religion. Just curious, are you Nation of Islam?
            Quran-(55:72): “Hur (beautiful, fair females) guarded in pavilions;”
            Quran-(55:70-77): “ In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair….dark eyed virgins sheltered in their tents whom neither man or Jinn have touched before…”
            Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Apostle said, “You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin.”
            Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256, See Also Sahih Bukhari 1:11:662, Sahih Bukhari 1:11:664
            I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!’ He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks…. Allah sent down concerning him: ‘To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful doom.” [9:61] ” Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey’s *****.
            It is also written that allah will BLACKEN the faces of the unbelievers.(Quran, Sura 39:60)
            In a dream I heard a person saying: “O people of the Quraysh! The Prophet who is to be raised will be from among you; it is now the time of his emergence, and with him you will get plenty and abundance; so make a search of the man who is of noble birth, of high stature, white (in complexion), with eyebrows joined, eye‑lashes long, hair curly, cheeks smooth, and the cartilage of his nose thin.” ibn Sa’d, vol.i p 95‑96

          • “It is also written that allah will BLACKEN the faces of the unbelievers.(Quran, Sura 39:60)”
            39:60 ويوم القيامة ترى الذين كذبوا على الله وجوههم مسودة اليس في جهنم مثوى للمتكبرين

            So where does it say the unbelievers faces will be blackened? What the verse is stating, I am giving you four respected translations:
            #1. On the Day of Judgment, you will see! The faces of those who invented
            lies about Allah would be tainted and tarnished.
            Isn’t there a place in
            hell for the proud and the haughty?
            #2. On the Day of Resurrection you will see the faces of those who lied
            about GOD covered with misery.
            Is Hell not the right retribution for the
            arrogant ones?
            #3. And on the Day of Resurrection, thou wilt see those who lied against
            ALLAH that their faces shall be overcast with gloom.
            Is there not in
            Hell an abode for the proud ?
            #4. And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allah
            (i.e. attributed to Him sons, partners, etc.) their faces will be blackened.

            Is there not in Hell an abode for the arrogant ones?
            The Arabic for black (color) is aswad. Arabic for “To blacken” is sawwada – yusawwidu. Obviously [Q39:60] does not refer to mean ‘black’ as in ‘color black’.
            BTW Surah Rehman is metaphorical NOT literal. The Quran explains this difference else where. Many such metaphors are used to describe in human terms that which in REALITY are beyond human comprehension.
            As for the Hadith: He said, she said…this that and the other. Most of it is vested, motivated garbage. I can write a better superior sounding hadith, a new one every day. Means nothing. Hadith are words concocted mortal men. Often by devious mischievous scheming men. Hadith is NOT sacred scripture.
            The Glorious Quran is the Word of Allah. Eternal. Written in stone, inscribed in the stars, symbolic of the Universe.

          • I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re clearly an APOLOGIST for Islam. Oh, so now, the Hadiths are suddenly “garbage” lololol! How typical — for the Hadiths to be conveniently used and disposed at will, depending on your audience. Next thing you’ll tell me Islam is of peace, when I’m well aware of your “taquiyya” and “kitman”, lol. I’m nothing like your silly black friends like “Valerie”, I’m no SUCKA. All I need to do is read your holy books (which includes the Hadiths you all are suddenly trying so hard to distance yourself from), as well as the historical records of your prophets, authors, historians and scholars, the BLOODY, RACIST TRANS-SAHARAN SLAVE TRADE, and observe both ancient and modern mistreatment and genocide of Blacks by arabs throughout the ME and Africa, as well as personal testimonies of Black (and arab) ex-muslims. The sentiment is all the same — arab supremacy and virulent ANTI-BLACKNESS is deeply entrenched among arabs and their society. If you really expect me to believe your rhetoric that those quotes in the Quran aren’t racist in nature, the Hadiths aren’t racist, Islam isn’t racist, and arabs aren’t racist then well, you’ve wasted BOTH of our time.

          • “you’re clearly an APOLOGIST for Islam.”
            No, not really. Islam needs NO apologists. A statement of plain truth is no apology, whatsoever.
            “Oh, so now, the Hadiths are suddenly “garbage” lololol! How typical — for the Hadiths to be conveniently used and disposed at will, depending on your audience.”
            No, not typical. No, not suddenly. Allah in the Qur’an anticipated it and garbaged it approximately 1400years ago.
            That is about 200years before the hadith was concocted by vested interests, sold to simple minded to confuse them. Anti-Islam demagogues and ‘Muslim’ hypocrite and disinformation agents now have this as a weapon against Islam and Muslims.
            Those who have read the Qur’an for themselves know this Truth: Most of the hadith is demonstrably false, degrades women and minorities, ridicules MuhammadPBUH and commonsense. And the hadith mocks Allah. Those who have read the Qur’an are immune to the hadith.
            “I’m well aware of your “taquiyya” and “kitman”, lol. I’m nothing like your silly black friends like “Valerie”, I’m no SUCKA.”
            You no sucks! LOL!!
            Well then tell me about “Taquiyya”. In you own words, please. No CutaPasta, unless you a sucka.
            Now go ahead, lets see if you not a sucking SUCKA!!!

          • Taquiyya is subterfuge, pure and simple. History shows that the rise of Islam was due largely to muslims using taquiyya and kitman in order to achieve their means in a society they didn’t dominate (yet) — it’s a common practice in Islam to Westerners today. The Bible says the complete opposite — it says to let your light shine before all men. If you deny the Father before men, he will deny you at the judgement. But muslims?? Noo… their god encourages them to use LIES and DECEIT to accomplish their means…breaking torah (thou shalt not lie).
            So per your quran, is the devil really a black man? lolol….

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          • I think never read the division of ppl the way that I believe , but I am not certain whole surah or ayah you gather this from. But the two books I read, study, The Noble Qur’an and ahadith from sahih Bukari. I’m not naïve about who have oppress my ppl. But prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alaihi Wa salaam, spoke against racism, and one of the reason that he was sent to all of mankind. So what others do don’t have anything to do with my personal worship to my creator. No racist, nationalist,politicians, human come in between me and my ibadah

          • I’ve already posted quotes from the “noble” quran (see below).
            Read my reply above to Hamidah. Virtually all those quotes are from Sahih Bukari, lol, the bulk of racist quotes come from him. I didn’t know you an pick and choose with Hadiths you believed in, lol. Here are some more hadiths from your Bukari, here’s what he thinks about YOU Black woman:
            Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: concerning the dream of the Prophet in Medina: The Prophet said, “I saw (in a dream) a black woman with unkempt hair going out of Medina and settling at Mahai’a. I interpreted that as (a symbol of) the epidemic of Medina being transferred to Mahai’a, namely, Al-Juhfa.” Sahih Bukhari 9:87:162
            Black people (that means you, Valerie) rise up, its time to stop being WEAK. Practice your OWN religions, modern Islam is controlled by mulatto Arabs, modern Christianity by Europeans and Judaism (which is really Talmudism) by white Jews. Black people (like you) look stupid following after a religion that OPENLY DESPISES YOU. Your “ibadah” does NOT respect you Black woman, he will whiten your face if/when you make paradise. Now I know where Morons (oops, Mormons) get that racist isht from, its from the Quran!!!! Stop being complacent and READ, RESEARCH, and REVIEW EVERYTHING that’s written about Islam by your supposed brothers who practice it, and you’ll realize these people HATE you and those that look like you. Go to Mecca and see how you’re treated, Malcom X wasn’t treated well, what makes you think YOU, a BLACK WOMAN at that will be? WAKE UP!!!!

          • Because he said a black woman with unkept hair, okay and how does this out black women down(as a whole)? And I give you the benefit of a doubt BC you don’t know me but I research Islam for 5years before I chose to revert to Islam. I know my history as a Moor,German, African American roots, BC thank Allah my known family were never slaves so I know my heritage. All I can say at this point is to you be your way and to me be mine. May the peace of Allah be to you.

          • Black women were created to be slaves to whites and then go to helfire.Tabari 11:11-26 A sign of a bad disease Hadith 9:162.3. black women are stupid Tabari 1:280.
            (sigh) you apparently wasted 5 years of your life b/c you appear to be woefully IGNORANT that Black women (and men) are symbolic of EVIL in Islam. I noticed you refuted NOT ONE quote from the Quran or Hadiths that I posted, they all appear to come as a surprise to you. Apparently I know more about your own religion than you do, sadly 🙁
            Please get your head out your arse. Arabs are NOT your friends, nor has Islam EVER benefitted Black people. Peace unto you too…

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          • Since you’re sooooo smart, tell me what the earliest names of the African continent was called. You seem WOEFULLY IGNORANT to the fact that in ancient times, virtually all black-skinned people from across the the continent of AFrica to as far as India, Malaysia and Oceania were called “Ethiopians”. You’re a mixed-breed mutt so you don’t count, but where your daddy is from (ancient Abyssinia) is but a grain in the sand of the MUCH larger ancient Ethiopian diaspora. I don’t claim Ethiopian (hell no) there are modern names of where I’m from, but in ancient Biblical times, I would have been considered one (interacting with you, I shudder at the thought). Now do us all a favour and go read a damm book, its not a good look for you to be both arrogant and hopelessly stupid.

    • May the peace of God be upon you I’m often told the same thing about why would I want to be Muslim when Arab nations enslave us. Well thankfully Islam was sent to MANKIND not Arabs! Nor was the prophet an Arab. So Islam is far removed from the atrocities committed by the ppl

      • not all arab muslims are racists , the arab muslims that you see are only after money , gain and life matters which makes them care only about themselves however there are many muslims that actually care about you and are not anti-black it’s just that the system,the government and life conditions makes them powerless , they can only pray for you … I as a 17 years old arab muslim girl am really praying for you and for the victims . even thought I’m struggling with exams and school life when i heard about the accident I was saddened and I cared to check and see your thoughts and needs for I really care about black muslims ….. what I want to say is they do exist arab muslims that care and are not racists for ISLAM is a Religion of equality _not all arab muslims are racists_
        may allah bless you and guide others to the right path ^^

        • Wa alaikum as salaam! I have close friends that are Pakistani. So, no I don’t think all arabs are racist, but if we as African Americans apply the logic that most apply towards us then we would believe that Arabs didn’t accept Islam and that they are the WY they were preislam, savages but we don’t and there are not enough ppl speaking out other thenus. I chose to practice Islam because I believe it to be true. Arabs didn’t have anything to do with it. I took shahadah BC I believe in LA ilaiha illa Allah and that prophet Muhammad was his final messenger sent to mankind. I love all Muslims fisibiallah. But I will no longer sit by idle and continue to see ppl put down my ethnicity or religion.

          • mashallah , you don’t know how glad I’m to hear that , and see Islam spread through the whole world 🙂

      • NOPE, arabs think they’re better than YOU. Just because they fed you a bunch of hogwash doesn’t mean you should BELIEVE it, gosh…I swear Black people are so gullible its downright embarrassing. LOOK AT THEIR ACTIONS and look at what their holy books say, as well as their authors, historians and authors. Hell, the same arabic word for Black is SLAVE, please stop being so blind, arabs lay claim to islam and the quran, and claim to be the messengers of it. You CANNOT remove Islam from the atrocities of the arabs, they have a MANDATE to look down their frog noses on everybody else especially abd (Black). As a Black woman they do NOT look favorably on you I don’t care how many Paki friends you have. Also, anywhere there is Islam there is terrorism, even committed by stupid Black Africans against their Black brethren (boko haram, janjaweed) blowing people up for no good reason, oh wait, I forgot the quran commands them to (jihad). SMH…
        “Arabs are the most noble people in lineage, the most prominent, and the best in deeds. We were the first to respond to the call of the Prophet. We are Allah’s helpers and the viziers of His Messenger. We fight people until they believe in Allah. He who believes in Allah and His Messenger has protected his life and possessions from us. As for one who disbelieves, we will fight him forever in Allah’s Cause. Killing him is a small matter to us.” Al-Tabari, Vol. 9, p. 69
        If the child is not of the race of Arabs, then he is definitely an owned slave according to the scholars, but the scholars disputed (his status) among themselves if he was from the Arabs – whether he must be enslaved or not because when A’isha (Muhammad’s wife) had a maid-slave who was an Arab, Muhammad said to A’isha, `Set this maid free because she is from the children of Ishmael.'”
        Ibn Timiyya, Vol. 31, pp. 376-377
        Ali Ibn Abi Talib, said: “Verily the Prophet said: God divided the earth in two halves and placed (me) in the better of the two, then He divided the half in three parts, and I was in the best of them, then He chose the Arabs from among the people, then He chose the Quraysh from among the Arabs, then He chose the children of ‘Abd al-Muttalib from among the Banu Hashim, then he chose me from among the children of ‘Abd al-Muttalib, and from them he chose me.” Ibn Sa’d, Vol. 1, p. 12
        ***all the below comes from*** “Arabs preferred over other nations” (archived) Shaykh Amjad Rasheed, Ustadha Shazia Ahmad (trans.), SunniPath, Question ID:9427.
        The fact that Allah Most High has chosen the Arabs over other nations is affirmed in rigorously authenticated hadiths of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and give him peace;
        So this hadith is a primary text about the preference of Arabs over others and the preference of some Arabs over other Arabs.
        Therefore the preference of Arabs over other nations, and the preference of some Arabs over other Arabs is affirmed in the Sacred Law.
        Either way, we are only responsible for submitting to His rule, Glorious is He. And among His rulings is that Arabs are preferred over others and that some Arabs are better than other Arabs, as the above hadith clearly explained. So it is not appropriate for anyone to disagree in this when the proof is perfectly valid.
        As for the preference of an Arab over a non-Arab, and the preference of some Arabs over others, this is not a deed that one can earn. Rather, it is a bounty that Allah gives to whom He wills.
        It is obligatory on a Muslim to believe that Arabs are preferred over other nations because there is a proof for it. However, this is not one of the pillars of our religion such that if someone rejected this, they would be considered outside of Islam. But if one does reject this, one has sinned for not believing in it because it is an affirmed matter according to a clear rigorously authenticated hadith.
        And the fact that Arabs are preferred over others does not mean that a non-Arab can not have a higher merit in the religion than an Arab, because a person earns the good deeds that Allah has recommended we compete for. This is the highest merit of God-fearingness and this will be the basis upon which things are decided in the hereafter. However, the merit of the Arabs will still remain, in terms of their respect and exaltation being higher than others.


          • What DO YOU think of yourself shellie? You sound so self-defeated, its what you think of yourself that matters, not anyone else, not especially arabs who are mutt offsprings of the original Blacks that populated the Middle East in the first place. For the record, I’m AFrican. Not only do I think Black folks the world over are the bomb, but Black Americans in particular are unique, b/c you guys have the strongest platform to fight Anti-Blackness. You seem lost to the fact that you guys set the world trends, from music, sports and entertainment, even politics… so stop wallowing in self-hate nobody is going to empower you, you must gird your own loins and uplift yourself and other Black peoples throughout the world in the process (Latin America, Africa, India, Mid East, Oceania, Melanesia). In order to be “equal” and respected at any level, you must first stand independently on your own two feet. In other words, stop accepting religions FORCED on you and making excuses for your oppressors (I’m talking to YOU, Valerie) and stop claiming everyone looks down on you. If they did they wouldn’t copy your swag, lust after your men, praise the very features they claim to hate on white women, etc etc. Please log off and read up on your history before coming to these shores, Shellie… you sound very lost.

          • As an African (as you claim you are, but I doubt), you have no right to use that word.
            Do you have any softness left in you Providence, or has hate rotted you out?

          • You were as silent as a mosque RAT when that brown-cunt called me a “slave niqqer”, but when I retort I’m called hateful? Bitch please….
            And I will use whatever word I WANT, just as your fellow towel-head did. What are you going to do about it?
            Your hypocrisy is evident for all to see. The bible tells us to HATE EVIL, so yes, I DESPISE ARABS, ya’ll are just one of many manifestations of pure satanic evil. And you needn’t worry about my “softness”, dear, that’s reserved for worthy people who are kind, compassionate and seekers of truth and reciprocate in kind, but alas, your holy books make it clear you’re nothing of the sort. If you’re honest (which you’re not) you’ll admit your religion promotes spiritual deviance which first divided people by color and enslaved them based on race/skin color, a practice which the Europeans later adopted. It mandates its followers to despise us Blacks, well, the feeling is quite mutual. Now, please go blow yourself up, and take all your little filthy stinkin’ aye-rab and idiot Black mooooslim sellouts with you!

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    • LOL at this troll! how more hypocritical can you get than a very blunt racist calling a whole group of people racists! gave me a serious laugh here! 🙂

      • If I’m racist for telling it like it is on Arabs, then so be it, lol. I guess the author of this article is racist too then lol. Thou doth protest too much, you must be an arab in defense mode….lol

      • Apparently YOU are the ignorant one, since you’ve been unable to refute ONE thing I’ve said. Are you saying that Arabs are kind, equitable and just towards Black people? Exactly, we know arabs aren’t kind to ANYONE including their own people, you maim your own women private parts, make them dress like ghosts and raise your children to hate and kill others that don’t share in their beliefs. Arabs are violent, uneducated barbaric ANIMALS, (not to mention RACIST) so, you deserve every nuke, missile, bomb, rocket, etc, I used to feel sorry for Arabs until 911, and then when I studied how they were the first peoples to institutionalize slavery, I was DONE. Let the white man annihilate you people, I don’t like either one of you, your impending doom and destruction is not my problem…

      • Ignore him. I have had the displeasure of meeting some of these kind in real life. They are losers with a capital L.

        • awww.. how cute, look at tweedle-dee tryna educate tweedle-dum on something. The Bible calls it the blind leading the blind, LOL….
          Loser, eh? This coming from someone that didn’t even know the entire land mass of Africa was commonly referred to as “Ethiopia”? Lemme guess… you probably think the modern states of Mali and Ghana have the same borders as their ancient empires, from over 1,000 years ago, right? LOL…..

      • yes, you guys are a mulattos. Arab (ereb) means “mixed” in Hebrew, you know, the ORIGINAL culture you people hijacked a lot of your customs from, lol…

      • Yeah, cuz ya’ll too busy beheading people and blowing shit up for NO GOOD REASON. Allahu akbar…lol

  • While as an orthodox Jewish woman I don’t fit into the target audience for your piece, I wanted to add my voice and let you know that I have read your words and they reached my heart. I heard about the murders the day after they happened from a (Muslim) friend’s facebook status. I too was shocked by the lack of media coverage and response in general… there was so little news about it that I actually wondered whether or not it had happened! Horrible. Gd rest their souls. We have similar racism problems in my own community. Thank you for your bravery and strong words and Gd willing with the awareness you create we can come together and create a better future.

  • Well said Eman! I am an Indian Muslim who was raised in Dubai and I have seen racism within the Muslim community my whole life. It is 100% true that only SOME Muslim lives matter – not all. Thank you for speaking up and putting us all to shame.

    • Go back to India, and how are the darker skinned treated. The Untouchables…subhanallah, the entire world is infected with this poison that is racism. We just have to be better individuals.

      • FYI – those are Hindus, but you’re right it’s a disease afflicting many humans… and South Asians more so than most others.

  • 1. The original Arabs were not Black. If you’re gonna come up with such a profound claim like that, you should at least come forth with evidence.
    2. You talk about how non-Black Muslims refrain from attending #BlackLivesMatter rallies, but you don’t address the fact that Non-Muslim Blacks do the exact same thing!! In fact, last year there was a Somali teenager who was murdered in cold-blood in Kansas City in an Islamophobic attack, yet the #BlackLivesMatter crew was silent and said nothing about it. A mosque was burnt down in the community as well, and they said absolutely nothing. The #BlackLivesMatter brigade says nothing at all about the Muslims who are suffering—of any ethnicity—and they place themselves first and foremost regarding any social issue. So it goes both ways.
    Otherwise, I completely agree with where you’re coming from, and I enjoyed reading your thought-provoking article. Thank you.

    • the original EVERYTHING was Black, even the earliest so-called Caucasian race were Black Dravidians (lol). Arabs are mulattos. Look up the reliefs of the Assyrian campaign in Arabia by Asurbanipal circa 645 BC. Do those bare-chested men with LOCKED HAIR on camel-back look mulatto to YOU?
      Yeah, didn’t think so….next thing you’ll say is the original peoples of ancient KMT (Egypt) were arabs too, huh? lololol….

      • I have met your kind in the streets of NY, who claim everything is black. I am that black. Ethiopian to be exact and those Blk Hebrew or whatever they call themselves had the audacity to call me a fake Ethiopian because of my phenotype or look.
        My ancestors ruled over much of Southern Arabia for centuries and that’s not news to me or my folks. My mother is from Oman and the concept of interethnic and interracial marriages is as old as the inception of Ethiopia. So please refrain from generalizing an history and a people that is simply not you.

        • First of all, you don’t “know” me, nor my “kind” I’m not even African-American so fall BACK. Second, apparently you agreed with my statement, I don’t care where the HELL your mother is from, Oman was originally BLACK TOO. Do yourself a favor and google Betram Thomas and see what he says of Oman, among other scholars anthropologists and historians who studied the ancient Ethiopians stretching from across Africa to Oceania. “Ethiopian” in this historical context CLEARLY is not restricted to “Abyssinia” or wherever the hell you’re from.
          Next, I don’t care what your phenotype is, you’re nothing special, I know you stupid modern-day ethiopians like to think you are but you’re NOT. You’re an amalgam people anyway, the REAL ETHIOPIANS are the unmixed African types who settled there long before the back-migrations and invasions, I doubt African Lucy had the big 5-head ya’ll have lol. You’re all just a mixed bag of NUTS who have similar superiority complexes that Black Arabs have towards “Bantus” and other Africans. Now seeing that you have not disproved ONE thing I said about the original peoples of Arabia being Black, go argue with your arab friend who I responded to, who had the audacity to claim KMT as arab in antiquity, instead of trying to pick an argument with ME. Thanks.

          • Not to burst anyone’s bubble but Ethiopian literally meant ‘of the burnt face’ (as in black skinned). Unfortunately, racism is so in-bedded in to societies world wide people will actually go out of their own way to deny even obvious stuff so long as its connected to blackness

  • Also, I forgot to add:
    The murder of these 3 young men rightfully shocked and outraged the Muslim community not just here in America, but even in Canada as well. You’re literally making a non-issue into an issue.
    It’s the same thing that happened with that Muslim boy from Texas who was arrested for making a clock and was accused by his teacher of making a hoax bomb. This incident was clearly a case of Islamophobia, and the kid was arrested purely because he was a Muslim boy, that’s why it happened. But instead, you had Black-Americans jump on this story and make it about racism, and claim that this boy’s arrest had something to do with “anti-Blackness” and that his Black identity should be highlighted at the expense of his Muslim identity. But let’s be honest, do you really think if this boy was Pakistani or Arab that he would be treated any differently? Why would his race be relevant whatsoever, especially considering the fact that this incident was a classic case of Islamophobia and this boy’s race had nothing to do with his arrest?
    And regarding racism and xenophobia, it is an absolute fact that Muslim-Americans bear the full-brunt of the bigotry exhibited by the right-wing xenophobes, not Black-Americans. The Muslims and Hispanics are the ones who deal with this upfront, and the rhetoric spewed against both groups is extremely negative. You wanna talk about racism and bigotry, yet you ignore the fact that Blacks are pretty far down on the list of people who are regularly demeaned and degraded in the media here in the United States.

  • I have people in Indiana who are tekking me that the police are being racist and are investigating this as a drug crime (read black stereotype) instead of a hate crime. Please hold them accountable. We are very worried.

  • As salaam alaikum All! This article reigns true in the sense that, when I converted many years ago, there weren’t many foreign masjids and we held fundraising event to build mosques from the ground up. Yet when these mosque are built we are often left out. African American community has never had a real chance for liberation. We are constantly bombarded with oppression. Which has lead to self- hate, and drug abuse. Yes you have Muslims that drink fermented drinks, but will talk able Muslims that drink alcohol, then same Muslims smoke hookah and hashes yet will turn around and backbite others for smoking tobacco/marijuana. Do you not know that you all fall in the same realm? So stop judging by what don’t concern you. When foreign Muslims are oppress here through social media, main stream media we onthefrontlines fighting for the same equality that this Vanilla society afford for themselves . Besides the fact that we built this country as we did across the globe. A question you should ask yourself as anrascist ” If BLACK ppl are so treacherous, then why has almost every society been able to oppress us? It doesn’t make sense.

  • In this country all black people are viewed in the same light, muslim or not. It would be wonderful if the non-black muslim community care about our issue but few do. Many non-black muslim come to this country with their prejudices. These prejudices adversely affect the darker skin people in their own countries, so don’t expect much in the way of support once the arrive here. If many of us were true people of faith we wouldn’t have half of the problems we see in the world.

  • I’m a Muslim from england manchester
    We the Muslims have put our selves in this position
    Islam is all about love
    Now which one of us Muslims loves
    We have stopped thinking for others (Muslims or non Muslims)
    We only think of our selves
    Money money money
    Ya Allah I’m your slave today, your slave tomorrow and I’m your slave the day I die
    Insha’allah Ameen

  • Well written sister. Sadly, I see the racism against Blacks and Black Muslim in my own family. Whether it’s the fact that we refer to black people with the Urdu / Hindu word “kala” (meaning black, but usually in a distasteful manner with a facial expression to match). I have started to more often (sadly) call out my family members on this fact. Years ago, I was watching the Islam channel with my mom’s sister in England and the awesome spoken word artist Brother Dash was performing; she commented about “how loud” black people were (sadly again, a typical comment from South Asian Muslims especially of their generation). I then asked if her son met a Black Muslim woman that was a good Muslim, respected her etc and if she would be cool with him marrying her and she said no :((.
    It’s so painful to witness this at all, not to mention within one’s own family. And as we all (should) know, Black Muslims is the root of American Muslim history in this country.
    And lest we forget – our Prophet had African blood him via Hz. Hajar (RA) and Hz. Ishmael (AS) .
    I pray that we and those that come after us are better than us in recognizing every Muslim, especially our Black brothers and sisters are part of the Ummah, part of that body, that hurts when one of them is hurting or is harmed.

  • when I first read about this story it was reported that 2 of the men were Muslim, and one Christian. Though all three were Sudanese. Which I’m sure contributed to determining that it wasn’t a hate crime based on religion? Being from Canada I didn’t expect to see much more coverage then that.
    I do find it sad that the blacklifesmatter movement seems to largely only focus on African Americans, less so towards immigrants.
    Anyways nice post. I love insight into different life perspectives.

    • “I do find it sad that the blacklifesmatter movement seems to largely only focus on African Americans, less so towards immigrants.”
      Can you BLAME them? Black Africans are generally hostile towards, AA. It doesn’t help that Africans have this superiority complex towards AA (who doesn’t?) but African muslims are the WORST. I feel bad for the dead boys, but I bet like most Muslim Sudanese, they wanted NOTHING to do with Black American culture, they are taught from a young age to align with the disgusting ARAB culture.

  • I see where you are coming from but disagree with you on the fundamental course.
    Firstly, you pick at too many scenarios and
    1. The original Arabs were black is simply false. There Middle East is a fusion of various tribes and lineage of people. They come in all shades and many today are
    1. Muslims do not control mass media in the West, so your anger should be aimed towards the folks who do, for ignoring these stories.
    2. This news was shared by Muslim youth and individuals on various social media sites.
    3. The 3 young students shot in NC made it to headline when the murderer was identified and ppl were able to connect the crime to hate after seeing the disgusting mug hot of the killer. SIMPLE! Even after the criminal was caught, the media focused on the killer’s motive “parking dispute” rather than the obvious.
    4. Many Black media outlets ignored this story as well.
    5. As for racism in the Muslim world. Its a reality and a problem. As a Somali women, I think about how as a Horn of African has given me certain privilege than for say my Bantu brothers and sisters who are discriminated against in language and referred to the worst thing possible. Yet we are black and Muslim.
    So, as a Muslim, and FIRST BLACK PERSON…we need to change our ways before we expect others to change for us!
    I AM sick and tired of black people ignoring the racism within and accusing others when we are just as disgusting and bad. So there I said it Eman. If Arabs, Indians, and Asians, or whatever Muslim out there are raciicts, so are we African Muslims to our OWN!

  • On another hand, I do want to bring this up as well. Because just around the same time the three students were murdered in NC, a young brother in Alberta Canada – Somali born was shot in the face by an assailant who is still at large. His story did not pick up as quickly simply because no one knows who the killer is
    This young brother, to those who know him, is a handsome, tall, and whose face filled with noor. He was a very humble soul, who comes from a very wonderful family. His family did not want his publicize his life and decided to keep his pictures private for his sake and leave the situation to Allah. For those of us who knew him, she asked for us to pray for him and keep him in our duas.
    Now, there was word going around was because of a hate crime, but most people in the community as well as the police suspected it was wrong target that was meant for someone else. In the same area, 25 young men of the same background were shot and killed in ONE years time. Not a SINGLE charge has been made. So when will you and I and the community talk about this?
    To the outsider, I am sorry to say, they have already MADE UP THEIR MIND!
    But, as young Ethio, were is the other young Africans or black people talking about this senseless deaths of young black Muslim men, whether Somali, Ethio, Sudani or other. Whether these deaths are gang related, wrong target or not. Our own communities are shush because we do not know how to handle the situation. Its a crisis that has gotten out of CONTROL! I am so scared for my younger brother, you want to know why, because he has those beautiful features of a young Ethiopian and I am afraid he becomes a target.
    I am going to be frank with you. After the death of Mustapha at young black boys killing each other over haram stuff, on opMuslims. When I heard this story, first thing that came to my mind was gang related. Not because I am a bloody racist. Because from these communities, its our reality. Every other week or month, we hear a story of a young East African boy shot.
    Sadly, unlike the three students who death was random, thus angered and united the Muslim community at large. They saw three accomplishments young people murdered senseless by a “outsider” aka non Muslim white man.
    There are so many senseless murders of young black Muslim boys, however, sadly they fit the stereotype. Gang related, drugs, etc… that happen every time. In my city, the first three bloody homicides where due to gang related issues and the victims were all EAST AFRICAN who went by the name of Muhammad. So really, you cannot IGNORE THE ELPEHANT IN THE ROOM.
    That is all.

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