Why Marc Jacobs’ SS18 Should Be Considered Cultural Appropriation

What I’ve always loved about fashion week is how it brings together fashion and political expression. This year was no exception, with conversations on race, feminism and body image being the forefront of many of the top shows. Fashion week is also a time where the lines between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation are blurred….


Here’s Why French Montana Hates Himself

French Montana hates himself, and he’s not alone. Any Arab or Desi person who is anti-Black hates themselves because they wish they were White, and they aren’t. We see it in our mosques, and in our MSA’s. We continuously try to appease to White-standards, and in our efforts, we choose to distance ourselves from those…

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Ohio State: How We Failed Abdul Razak Ali Artan

Disclaimer: We at Muslim Girl do not condone or excuse any acts of violence against the victims affected by this tragedy. This article is meant to highlight a vital issue in the media coverage of an attacker in light of rampant Islamophobia and racism — it is meant to engage and focus solely through that…


A Wallah Bro Told Me He Loved Me — 2 Weeks In

**This article is in multiple parts — it is to be continued.**   Wallah bros — we all know one. They are everywhere. From our mosques, to our university classes — and even in our social circles. They are the type of man that should be forced into isolation until they know better. The type that…


150 People Were Arrested in Iran for Having a Birthday

In Iran, gender mixing can get you arrested. It happened to 150 young people late July at what officials are calling an “illegal birthday party.” Mixed gatherings are illegal in Iran, and deemed “un-Islamic” — in addition to drinking and premarital sex. The consequences of such actions can lead to severe punishment, including execution. The…

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This Valedictorian Protested a Trump Rally, Muslim Girl Style

What would you do if Trump was speaking at your school? There’s a lot of things I would do. Some less legal than others. But one Muslim girl was faced with that dilemma this week. Azeeza Hasan was the valedictorian for her graduating class this year at Briar Woods High in Ashburn, Va. During her speech…


Ever Wonder What Muslim Girl’s Zodiac Sign Is?

Happy Birthday Muslim Girl! Seven years ago, on Aug. 3, this space was born; and how fitting, that it’s zodiac sign is a Leo. But what is a Leo? Well, it’s everything that is Muslim Girl. Leo’s are fiercely loyal, loving and warm-hearted. They will go to the ends of the earth to show their…


How We Got an Islamophobe Fired in 20 Minutes

So we’re chilling, Amani and I. It’s my first time in New York City, and I’m in love. The streets are beautiful, the people are friendly and the city is so alive. We’re heading back to the Muslim Girl studio to meet with a few of the other writers, and we’re stopped on the street…


This Is How We Love Ourselves in a World That Doesn’t

This week was heavy. I left Eid prayer early because it seemed too bittersweet to be celebrating among all the chaos of our world:  From bombings to police brutality, and everything in between, this week was heavy. You know that feeling when there aren’t any words, but you feel too numb to cry, and all…