Our New Snapchat Show Tells Everyone What ‘Muslim Girl Says’

Muslim Girl is kicking off Ramadan 2021 with a brand new series on Snapchat called, “Muslim Girl Says.” And the best part? The first episode begins today, March 27, on our fifth anniversary of Muslim Women’s Day!


Muslim Girl founder Amani, along with Muslim women creators and influencers, team up to answer your questions about Ramadan, Eid, and what it’s really like for our generation. The only question off limits is, “What’s under there?” Don’t be surprised if discussions about dating, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty come up as Amani and her friends sit down and discuss life as a Muslim Girl.

On the list of episodes to look out for:

“Yes, Not Even Water”: Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?

“No, I’m Not Hot in This”: What do Muslims wear for Ramadan or Eid?

“Will You Be My Ramadan Date?”: What are your Ramadan Iftar horror stories?

“Happy Quarant-Eid!”: How do Muslims celebrate Eid in quarantine?




It all starts today, March 27, on Muslim Women’s Day!

These women will be sharing strong opinions and answers to questions each episode. Join the conversation with “Muslim Girl Says” on the new Snapchat series.