20 Tweet Highlights From Our Fifth Annual #MuslimWomensDay

Yesterday was our fifth annual Muslim Women’s Day! Muslim Women’s Day was launched in 2017 in response to the travel ban, as a way to center Muslim women and our stories. Each year, we partner with top-tier media partners such as Twitter, Tik Tok, Spotify, Bustle, Allure, Elle, and more to bring you content for us, by us.

In case you missed it, we curated a Twitter roundup of some tweets explaining the importance and need for Muslim Women’s Day. Check them out below.

For starters, SZA took over our Tik Tok

The United Nations reminded everyone of this year’s theme

Logo contest winter @DrReyArts, who designed the logo and emoji used for this year, sent heartfelt wishes to the squad

MuslimGirl.com founder Amani riffed on feminism and its compatibility with Islam

Twitter user @shahedezaydi reminded folks to listen to Muslim women and pass the mic

UN Women posted some celebratory inspo

The Female Quotient reminded everyone to join our first ever digital summit

@Muslim sounded off on how to celebrate Muslim Women’s Day

Bushra Amiwala celebrated Muslim Women’s Day by speaking on a panel about politics and activism at our digital summit

MoveOn celebrated some of our amazing community leaders

StoryCorps hosted an intimate convo with Amani and her father about Islam and more

Twitter user @ZaynabAbdi1 showed some love to the Muslim women who inspired her

Twitter user @znadeem100 wished the worldwide sisterhood of Muslim women a happy Muslim Women’s Day and reminded people how to celebrate

@Muslim dropped a reaction video showing Muslim women reacting to bad media representation

Bustle dropped an article explaining what Muslim Women’s Day is and why it’s important

Freeform amplified the voices of Muslim women by sharing this year’s theme

Twitter user @marwa_z3L dropped a few lines on what Muslim Women’s Day means for her.

Tahanie Aboushi sent love to Muslim women everywhere

Mashallah! @mariumwebster wrote a poignant tribute to Muslim women

MuslimGirl.com editor Azmia shared her healing journey with Yoga Journal