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MuslimGirl Becomes First Muslim Company in Forbes List

MuslimGirl Becomes First Muslim Company in Forbes List

Our very own Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder and CEO of, made the media category of Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 list. She is joined by fellow notables — writers, editors and entrepreneurs who are changing the future of media.
Only five days into the new year and MuslimGirl has reached yet another achievement.
From the Forbes article:

“The 23-year-old launched at 17, and what began as a way for millennial Muslim girls to connect with each other has evolved into a much bigger platform that attracts millions of readers a month. In the last year alone, the site’s traffic has grown by 90 percent, and Al-Khatahtbeh has landed backing from the Malala Fund, spoken at the United Nations and signed on for a series with Teen Vogue.” tweet

I could feel the energy when I joined MuslimGirl in September. I knew it was a force to be reckoned with — and day by day would become an even greater one.
Over the course of the few months that I have been here, I’ve watched as it continued its growth, becoming one of the most popular Muslim websites, securing two columns and being mentioned in major news outlets like The New York Times and Refinery 29.
Today, Amani became the first veiled woman on the list and MuslimGirl became the first Muslim company featured.
Congratulations Amani and thank you, readers.
Insha’Allah, here’s to another fabulous year. Keep an eye on us — and the others on those falling glass ceilings.

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  • millions of readers a month? WHAT? you can’t field 10 comment on an article. and that is great the way you spin ‘backing from malala’. you had to beg to keep from going out of business is the way I saw it. I mean congrats on the recognition, but I have to think this is mostly a political correct nod.

  • Wow…!
    Amani Al-Khatahtbeh well done. Heard you on NPR too. What affirmation, assertiveness and initiative. Job well done.
    With courageous Muslim women like you at the forefront, taking on the anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, disinformation Islamaphobic crowd head on…Muslims have nothing to fear. People, women like you keep our heads high.
    Congrats, wish you and your team even more success and recognition in the year ahead. I wish you peace, happiness to you, to yours, to you all.

  • Fabulous achievement and recognition. Thrilled at your success Amani. Wishing you and your team even greater success and achievements in the year ahead.
    Best wishes.

  • Would be interested to read a self reflective piece on the strengths and weaknesses of aligning MuslimGirl with neoliberal, capitalist institutions and the reasons for choosing to celebrate successes within that paradigm, rather than challenging it…

  • Well done Amani………I think with all the problems that there are Muslim Women are going to make the big difference. There is a lot to do and I am sure MuslimGirl will contribute greatly. Insha’ Allah

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