Lindsay Lohan Just Instagrammed an Embarrassing (Non-Muslim) #WhiteGirlProblem

Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to post what she thought was a harmless little pick-me-up message. Along a distressed and faded floral wallpaper read the words “You’re beautiful,” falsely translating the message right above which read in Arabic: “You’re a donkey” – a common insult you may hear being thrown around your average Arab household.


Lohan immediately deleted the post after being humiliated by her tragic and totally preventable mistake. But yes, as you may have already guessed, screenshots of the embarrassing post have filtered their ways into the social media realm.

I’m sure Lohan wasn’t the only (non-Muslim) white girl to feel very, very stupid for posting this. (Yes, I’m talking to the 12k+ likers and all the rebloggers on Tumblr – thanks for the laugh.) Maybe if ya’ll weren’t too busy appropriating another culture, you wouldn’t be in this pretty low position in your life. Arabic isn’t just some ~exotic~ language with aesthetically pleasing letters that you can use to paint your social media accounts with. In your effort to look culturally aware, you instead just look really dumb.

May this be a lesson for you all. [Fact] check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

Image by Haythem Khalil