Life in Fast Forward…

I thought about writing this article as I was making myself tea. I was thinking about how fast time goes by. I was reminiscing of a time sitting with my friends.  I could hear the laughter like it was yesterday, the conversation like it was today. That memory is not because of how good of a memory I have because I can assure you my memory always fail me. The memory is so clear and vivid because how fast the time rushes past us. This memory was of two years back.

Time frightens me. It is hard to imagine that with every blink, not only did a day pass, but a month, a year. Time is going like movie on fast forward, and we are only the blurred images in between. We have become only passing colors on the screen of life, the erected stone words of ‘Here was so and so’. We seem to forget how much we are losing because we always think that we have tomorrow. If only we knew how long tomorrow would last, if only we knew if we would have it alone or with friends. We no longer control the ball in the court of life, life controls us.

I am just saying that we should savor every moment in life, even the smallest ones. We should never see time as a granted right, but as a gift, a loan, a miracle. We are only here for the shortest time possible. We are at a stop at the train station, waiting for the next train to come take us home. We don’t know how fast that train we’ll come and when, but we should be ready. Live your life, be happy, and savor the moments. That’s really all we have.

That is what I thought as I put the two spoons of sugar into my tea, looking at each little pixel cube as my life, as a memory going by. In the future I know I will look back at me making tea at the age of 17, over and over again, wishing to go back again and add one more spoon sugar to my life, sweeten it up, and savor the moment a little more because before I know it, the memory would be over, the years would pass in the blink of the eye, and I’d probably be saying, ‘If I could go back just one second’….