How to Kick off Your Fitness Goals for 2017

At the beginning of every new year, gyms are packed, and people are ready to kickstart a new health program. It is easy to say, “Oh I am going to work out,” but when you don’t have a stable plan, your resolutions can vanish early on.

It is important to try to be the best version of yourself you can be, but to make sure your goals last. Having empty goals often lead to short term accomplishments.

1. Don’t just start working out because its a New Year.

Is the time right for you? Life catches up to everyone, and sometimes it is really not the right time. Don’t be pressured to start on Jan. 1. Start on a date that makes you comfortable, and that is in sync with your schedule.


2. Accept 2016.

Whether you were able to keep up with your fitness and health schedule in 2016, that is in the past. It’s time to start fresh. Give your self a break, and take this opportunity to start from scratch. If you were on track, use it as a tool to motivate you into the next year.


3. Be at peace with yourself.

Make sure you have a clear heart, and a clear mind. If you aren’t at peace, try to find something to help you find clarity. Once you have clarity, start making goals that will help you stay grounded.


4. Be realistic.

All the hype and excitement that the new year brings can be used to motivate you, but don’t be overzealous. Make a plan that is realistic and not overbearing. Start off slow. Make commitments that are in line with your life. Set small goals to build up to larger ones, so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

5. Eat Pizza.

Live your life a little bit. Stuff your face with pizza with no regrets. Say goodbye to 2016 the right way.