11 Clever Ways to Get Men to Stop Harassing You In the Streets

Last time on #WallahBroWednesday, I shared nine numbers to give to men if they ask for it and won’t leave you alone. Now, if this F-boy won’t leave you alone and won’t take “no” for an answer, that’s another story. Here are eleven ways women can get men to not mess with them in these streets!

1. “I have a boyfriend.”

A classic! OR you can show them that rock on your left ring finger and then show them the finger next to that one.


2. “I’m in a hurry right now! Can I ignore you some other time?”

Then, run like the wind!


3. “I have to take this phone call.”

You can pretend to talk to your hypothetical significant other or your partner in crime.


4. “I’m a lesbian.”

If he asks, “Really?” then just say “Yeah, I’m not into guys… like you.”


5. “Circle of Life”

If this idiot asks you a yes or no question, just play the first two seconds of “Circle of Life!”


6. “No Scrubs” by TLC

Put that on BLAST! Bonus points if you walk away with the classic “loser” sign.


7. Our editor’s classic

“Okay, here’s my number, but don’t call me for two weeks. That’s how long my antibiotics run until my flare up is under control.”

Then you hand them the STD hotline number.


8. “Stop. Don’t talk to me. Loser. Lame-o. Wannabe. Like oh, totally!”

For you “Orange is the New Black” fans.


9. “Didn’t your mommy ever tell you that’s not how you treat women?”

If they don’t listen, just tell them to crawl back inside her and not come back out again until they mature into a proper human being.


10. “Pardon me, but you obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.”


11. Pepper Spray

And finally, pull out the pepper spray from your MuslimGirl care package! You know we’ve got your back!


You’re a lady in the streets, but a savage lady in the streets! Do you have a clever comeback? Let me know in the comments below!