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The Ramadan Starter Pack

The Ramadan Starter Pack

How To Practice During Ramadan While Menstruating

Every year as Ramadan approaches, women around the globe cannot ignore the fact that there will be about a week of interruption to their fasting and prayer routines. Periods are a natural part of life and instead of hiding it, why not embrace this time as an opportunity to build your faith and serve others. If you cannot fast or pray for other reasons like health, pregnancy or postpartum healing, these tips can also help stay connected to God and your community.


1. Supplication, or Duaa

Although you are not performing the obligatory salat (organized prayer), you can still talk to God. Make dua (supplications) while others are praying. This not only helps maintain and build a relationship with God, but keeps up the habit of devoting specific times of the day to worship. Make dhikr often. Keep a list of people and things you want to pray for and go over it throughout the day, perhaps with the help of the Dua Journal.


2. Seek Knowledge

While we cannot hold the Qu’ran, we can read a translation of it or read from the internet or an app. An inability to perform salat does not excuse us from seeking knowledge. Listening or watching a lecture on various topics can be done while enjoying morning tea or an afternoon snack.


3. Prepare the Iftar Meal

If you are not able to fast, why not take over the meal preparation for someone that is fasting. You are not only helping to feed hungry mouths, but also easing someone’s burden and earning good deeds. Being able to prepare the meal while not starving may help prevent food waste as well!

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4. Volunteer

Food pantries, shelters, and nursing homes are great places to volunteer. If you are unable to give time to one of these places, simply taking a meal to a neighbor or hauling off clothes and household items to charity can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Remember, charity is a major part of Islam.


5. Offer Childcare

If you are not praying, why not offer to take the smaller children so their parents can. Whether they are just praying salat or taraweeh, knowing their children are cared for will allow for parents to focus on their worship. Take this time to make Ramadan decorations or teach them about the Prophets or just watch them while they sleep.


This page was written by Amanda Sadler

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  • Thank you for these articles. They allow me to gain more knowledge without burdening those in my life who practice Islam to “teach me”. Thank you for helping me show up for them.

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