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Get Ready for Muslim Women’s Day on March 27!

Get Ready for Muslim Women’s Day on March 27!

For the first time ever this Women’s History Month, is teaming up with dozens of media and web partners to designate March 27 as Muslim Women’s Day!

This day is all about centering Muslim women’s stories and voices. We call upon our allies to pass the mic to Muslim women by elevating their narratives online for the day. We’re teaming up with dozens of media and web partners to bring this dream into reality, like MTV, Huffington Post, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Tumblr, Twitter, and many more.

On this day, we’ll be flooding the internet with content highlighting real, diverse, and fierce Muslim women sharing real experiences. You can visit any of our partners to check out some of the dope stories they’ll be highlighting, from Brit + Co’s feature on Muslim women creatives to NYLON’s list of Muslim American fashion designers. You can even find some of our partners spotlighting Muslim women articles on Snapchat Discover, like Complex.

We think it’s important to elevate Muslim women’s voices, especially in this moment. With the hype around the Women’s March and the national conversation taking place around the Muslim Ban both in the United States and around the world, it’s time to hear from a community that’s often talked about but rarely given the chance to speak. In the age of social media and the internet, we’re only one click away from changing that.

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Contrary to what people might think, Muslim women talk back. And on Muslim Women’s Day, the world will be listening.

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    • What makes you think you are special? The world is tiring of the Religion of the Permanently Offended.

      Of COURSE every Islamic terrorist out there reads “The Reliance of the Traveler.” And the Quran, Hadith, Sira. The goal is the same: To go to Allah, to kill for Allah, to die for Allah. They are Muslims.

      European WOMEN and CHILDREN are being gang raped by GANGS of Muslim migrants determined to get to Germany ???????? and Sweden. ???????? It is an epidemic in these countries. But nobody says anything, in case it might be racist.
      Allah commands Muslims to rape, enslave and murder the infidels where they find them.

      You should be ashamed.

        • Any future immigrants from Islamic countries must be able demonstrate loyalty to America and our Constitution as a condition for entrance into this country. If they can’t handle the responsibilities of living in a Democracy, they will get out. Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. Political Islam and its sympathizers won’t find comfort on our shores.

          Nikki Hayley is not allowing the Islamists to single out Israel ???????? in the United Nations for harassment anymore. To think the OIC has any right to complain about human rights abuses in Israel is a sick joke! Killing people for slandering the Prophet of Allah? That’s just one example of Islamic atrocities. Stop forcing little girls to marry their middle aged cousins. It’s bad for the gene pool for starters. Inbreeding causes a multitude of disabilities.

  • Nope. If I see any of these garbage-bag wearing monsters, I yank it from their heads. Rule of thumb. Muzrats aren’t worth the air they breath, and we’re making sure they know it.

      • No sir! She said what many women
        think. It has GOT to work both ways or the deal is off. If I went to any Islamic country, do you really think they would allow me the same courtesy? Are you insane.

        Sharia law is creeping into Western civilization. Women and children will pay the ultimate price.

        I suggest you read the news reports and view the videos coming out of Western Europe. As the % of Muslims in any free society go up, so does violence, terror and massive human rights abuse. And the no-go zones. I believe this issue played a part in Trump being elected.

        Assimilate or fail.

    • They are your fellow human beings. To be so hateful towards them is to be hateful towards yourself. They are not monsters, they are humans just like you. I hope you can see that someday, because being hateful towards anything that is different from you is a lonely world.

      • So you don’t perceive any hatred or arrogance coming from these ladies, is that right? Then your moral compass is way off.

        Stop with the double standards. No other group of immigrants or migrants are as disrespectful, and cunning as Muslims have shown themselves to be. They manipulate the kafir just as Muhammed instructed.

        They demand special treatment and howl when they are denied, which is not often.

        WHERE is the respect and loyalty for America and Americans? What ELSE can we do for you! Show some appreciation for gods sake.

        • The long string of hatred and arrogance throughout this thread has been sourced primarily from your keyboard.

          YOU’RE disrespectful. YOU’RE intolerant. YOU’RE manipulative. YOU’RE whining. YOU’RE howling at the moon. YOUR moral compass is shattered.

          • Gee, there will be tears on my pillow tonight. Fortunately for me, I can handle differing opinions without calling for blasphemy laws.
            This isn’t Iran and I don’t follow the party line.

          • This is the single most annoying habit of many Muslims. You must learn to handle criticisms of political Islam. It’s not your religion we have severe problems with and you know it!
            What a bunch of fake cry babies. You get your feelings hurt online so you try your best to institute blasphemy laws against ‘Islamophobia.’ There are too-numerous-to-count Islamic organizations gunning for the Islamization of America. We aren’t the ones with the mental illness, YOU ARE.

        • America is a melting pot of different cultures, it is a country made up of immigrants. Which means that muslims, jews, christians, pagans etc from different heritages living in America are all just as American as you are. There is not one “right” way to be.
          And also I know that you might get your information from people who are racist and who hate people who are different and want to incite fear and hate into your heart, but there is no “hidden muslim agenda” muslims just want to exist in society and be treated with humanity instead of hostility.
          And I have yet to meet any muslim that is anything other than loving, kind and giving, also they make really tasty food. That is my experience and point of view.
          Hope you have a great day where ever you are.

          • Here we go again with the mindless accusations of “racism”, hate, bigotry, and on and on it goes.

            Have you ever heard of Europe? If there was ever stark, concrete evidence of the destruction the wrong kind of Muslims bring, it must be France. But it’s not ONLY terrorist acts that are destroying that country, it’s also Dawah. The systematic Islamization that occurs prior to acts of violent jihad. We know what their end goal is: Replacement of the US Constitution with Sharia law. This is no secret for Christ sake. Islamists brag about it.

          • It is not mindless, it is what you are doing. I am not going to try to show you that anymore. What you are saying is racist and hateful, but somehow you cant see it.
            I am going to take my leave from this discussion and hope that no young muslim woman comes across your words. And also: if people of different opinions is calling you out all the time for being in a racist and a hateful bigot, then maybe it is time to check your sources and do some introspection.

          • This country is in deep trouble. The United States of America didn’t become the greatest nation in the history of the world by accident. We must be able to have a robust exchange of thoughts and ideas, or face the decline and eventual death of Western civilization.

            Calling people “Racist” and “Bigot” are not a substitute for rational dialogue. It’s boring and cowardly. Yes, cowardly. It’s up to MUSLIM MEN to treat their wives with the respect and decency they absolutely deserve. We can’t do it for them.

            I’m here to defend future generations of AMERICAN women and girls from ‘honor killings,’ female genital mutilation, and death by stoning for adultery. There is so much obscene wickedness within the Islamic culture.

            I’ve just outlined basic information that is easily verifiable. I’m 99% sure you will come back at me (if you haven’t checked out) with the same, boring, air headed responses I will totally dismiss. Thanks and so long sucker.

    • Wow, well this old Muslim woman would kick your ass if you tried that or if I saw you do it to one of my Sisters. Who the hell do you think you are? Really? And who are the ‘we’re’ you speak of? White Supremacist, White Trash? Because sweetheart underneath my hijab im just a white person like you, BUT I’m have class

      • Tell us again why you belong in this beautiful Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?
        Sweetheart, Muslim is not a race. It is quite alien to Americans though. Thank God.

        She never said ANYTHING about race. Always the passive/aggressive victims aren’t you? Muslims are white (like you), black, and brown. Find another trick up your hijab.

        Muslims are bigots and racists. Your Islamic Supremacist ideology is making you very unwelcome in every Western society unlucky enough find you on their door step. American women don’t want to look at you in those get-ups. Which is precisely why you wear them.

        We KNOW what happened to Iran when just a few women started wearing the Muslim head scarves. Now there is hell to pay if those women don’t wear it.

        We know what evil those head scarves represent.

        Also, this one way tolerance is getting old. It is not sustainable. You are no lady.

        • 1. Islam isn’t alien to America.

          2. “She never said ANYTHING about race.” – Neither did the woman you’re responding to. A point that was obviously missed as you foamed at the mouth.

          3. “Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.” Your paragraph about Muslims being bigots and racists is, quite literally, the definition of the word. That’s what we call irony.

          4. One instance doesn’t define an entire group. Case in point: your short-sighted, hateful thoughts and actions certainly don’t define me, America, or Christianity.

          5. You, quite obviously, are completely ignorant of what the “head scarves” you reference actually represent.

          6. This is your definition of tolerance? Please put down the bottle.

          • I don’t claim to be tolerant of intolerance.

            Why don’t you do a little research and educate me about what the Muslim head scarf represents. You will need to quote your source. Don’t forget the verse.

            Islam is an evil expansionist ideology. It’s not my doing. I didn’t write the Islamic ‘holy’ books.

            I’m NOT living under Sharia law. And you are entitled to your opinion also.
            The Muslim told that woman she was “white trash.” I don’t know why you would deny something so easily provable. Unless she edited her response.

          • I’m married to a Muslim woman. I have what’s called real-world experience, not conjecture.

            You seem to have a problem understanding how the world works. Your same argument and methodology could be applied to the Bible and Christians with the same outcome. It’s a small-minded thought process, incapable of change.

            “White trash?” had a question mark, not a period. I’m sure you understand the difference. Especially since you somehow think what the previous lowlife had to say was quite acceptable.

            Not surprising that you didn’t respond to the bigot reference. Or, for that matter, half of my comments. Probably for the best.

            The problem is you’re just not that damn bright and it’s a fool’s errand to try and remedy that’s situation so I won’t. Enjoy your bigotted, hate-filled life.

          • Chris, I read and educate myself. I don’t need a trip to Iran or, God forbid, Pakistan to understand the reality of what is happening to my country and many of my countrymen/ women.
            Call me a racist and a bigot. You think I haven’t heard that a million times. I’m a classic liberal. I’ve watched Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March become infiltrated and hijacked by Islamists. It’s parasitic behavior.

          • Are you seriously going to compare Christianity to Islam? If I had to respond to every insult, I would be here until eternity. The truth is, I know it’s a smokescreen. I’m looking for substantive arguments that may sway my thought process. It’s called critical analysis. And it has nothing to do with your God or your skin color. I wish it were that simple.

            Ayaan Hirsi Ali just released a very interesting report. Check it out. She’s a former Muslim. She lives under constant death threats as an apostate. No Christian is forbidden from leaving their faith. And Certainly not targeted for ???? death.

    • “garbage-bag wearing monsters…” You mean those women that closely approximate in their day-to-day clothing that of Mariam Bin Isa (Mary the mother of Jesus)? Those “garbage-bag wearing monsters?
      The ones that look kinda like this right?:

      • Shove it dude. Who is going to look at your little links? What American is not familiar with Mary and Jesus? You think Muslims want to look at that? You’re funny. They hate Christians, haven’t you heard.

        They also hate any non Muslims. I’m not talking Individual Muslims; as a group and it’s well documented. They are COMMANDED by Allah to hate us. Forget the feel good 14% of the Quran that addresses ‘religion’. Mahammed stamped that out when he left for Medina. I thank God I was not born under these Islamic Supremacists.

        American women are not going for Sharia law. We want these bagged ladies to join Allah or join life in these United States in the 21st Century.

        Future generations of American women and children are depending on us. It’s very urgent.

          • Then you should know it’s not me you are manipulating sir. Were it up to you, every American woman would be living under Sharia law. People are coming to their senses. I’m a liberal who voted for Obama and HRC. Neither one of them was able to indoctrinate me.

            I sincerely hope Trump Administration dismantles the Islamist infrastructure in this country. If they are successful it will be by accident, unfortunately. But something good can come from his presidency.

            P.S. You’re awfully cute yourself. ????

  • I only have one issue with Muslim Women. I cannot stand by and say I support women being covered because they incite sexual thoughts in men, whereas men do not live covered because, well women don’t HAVE sexual thoughts. I don’t support separate worship spaces in mosques. Again, this sex separatism. Or the fact that Muslim women need to be protected by Sharia law. Again with the inequity. I’m not down with the coverup, which is exactly what it is. Women are dirty and sexual and cause problems and need to be hidden and controlled. There is nothing about this that is acceptable. The travel ban is just as wrong because it slaps a broad brush on a very diverse religious group. I long to hear the various voices. But I know some have been brainwashed into this women are bad and inferior…. or should be put on a pedastal and hidden away and deemed superior… Neither works. Equality is the goal. As much as we can be equal. This doesn’t just ring true for men and women, but for all groups of people on the planet.

    • Without commenting at all on any of the specifics of any of the things you can’t support or have a problem with, there is a really simple and straight-forward way for you to avoid all of it. Don’t become Muslim!

      • This reply is ridiculous. I am not speaking to BECOMING Islamic. I am discussing the issues I have with being in a relatively free country that allows the practice of a patently unfree system for women practitioners of the Islamic faith, esp. under Sharia law. Please stay on topic.

        • I’m a Muslim Woman. I didn’t use to wear the Hijab and cover my body but now I do and I have never felt so free. My body is mine and I can do with it what I want. Nobody obliged me to wear the Hijab. I loved it I tried it and now I’m loving it forever ❤

          • And why do you feel the need to cover your body when men do not do the same? I want to understand this phenomena because it makes no sense to me. My body is mine too, but I have no need to hide it. I’m not immodest either. I wear loose T shirts and board shorts. I’m not showing anything off. My clothes are functional. I just weeded my entire back yard. I wore a long sleeved henley and board shorts and a bucket hat. It took me two hours to do this work and I needed to be unencumbered around my legs and cool so I wouldn’t melt. These shorts hit the top of my knees and the Ts are loose. Now, I know some US women dress like ladies of the night. I don’t approve and I don’t understand. Some of it is reckless youth. Some is bad taste. Some is these women don’t see what they look like in the mirror, or someone encourages them to dress so because they want to see them like that. I dress for myself and for function. A friend says he always thought I dressed to be comfortable. He gets it. He also says, I always look good. Lucky me to have such a friend.

          • It would be my pleasure to explain to you this phenomenon of female body covering because you do have the same logical thinking I used to have.I never liked that a man is free to wear as he pleases and not cover his head and neck while we are obliged to cover up so as not to seduce him putting us in some sort of an evil creature inclined to spoil men’s virtue.But my personal experience has completely changed my mind.Since I reached puberty I never felt safe going outdoor. I always heard some sexual comment here and there . Sometimes even I would be stalked by creepy strangers(and to tell you, my clothes were not immodest either and I didn’t even wear make up). I needed safety I took martial art lessons for self-defence but it didn’t solve the sexual harassment.Then, I discovered from talk and experience that women who cover their body never experience such hardship in their life. Some men used to like flirting with me at work now it’s much more of a brotherly relation full of respect of my body and my intellectual abilities. This is why I feel free more than any time before. Millions of women all over the world and all along the history have suffered from sexual violence but statistical facts prove the lowest rate of the phenomenon in places and countries where women’s bodies are coverd.

          • Ah, my darling!!!! We need to TRAIN men to not be animals. If we simply cover up it does NOT solve the underlying problem. It solves the immediate problem for US. Yes you want to feel safe and not exposed. I GET this. But the training needs to be FOR THE MEN! They are allowed to be freer than women. Women don’t incite men into rape! Cultures of RAPE incite men and allow men to abuse women. No Hijab protects any woman from anything. Men know your bodies exist under that caul. We need to raise MEN to NOT think of women as objects.

          • We don’t agree but at least we engaged in a quite civil discourse. Thanks for that madam and have a nice day ????

          • Give me a break lady. If you are a practicing Muslim woman, you are anything but free. Quit blowing smoke.
            So how is it living without a clitoris? Was that liberating too?

          • I’m not blowing smoke I’m saying the truth,this is how I feel: free from being objectified. The almighty says to his prophet in the holy book Quran:” O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
            These words are coming from God, the creator of you and me of the universe and he definitely knows what is best for all of us. We belong to him and to him we shall return. I don’t claim to be a very happy human being because I’m a sinful myself, but I hope God will forgive us and fill our heart with love and mercy to share with each other and make him proud of us

          • We differ very decidedly and I’ve made this statement. For some reason Mohammed seems to have written a whole lotta laws concerning women and how they appear in public and NONE about men. Again. Sexist and shaming. I do believe the New Testament is the fulfillment of words to the prophets. Jesus makes no such statements about frivolous items. Clothing, sexuality, food. He talks about loving one another and that is the center of everything. I believe that wholeheartedly. I’m sorry you’re focused on rules rather than on this.

          • I’m not a practicing Islamic woman. I never would be. It’s bad enough being a Christian woman. But I will kick any man’s ass, and I have who tries to take advantage of me. I carry protection. Several kinds. And I lift weights. I’m a small woman, but very strong. Any man wants to mess with me COME ON!!! to quote Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. We have to stop rape culture. This is about MEN, not women.

          • I respect that! Good for you and more power to you! Religion is not my specialty either. Rape is a heinous crime and a woman NEVER asks for it. She ALWAYS, without exception, has the right and duty to say NO to sex if she doesn’t want it. We belong to ourselves. This is partly why I will fight this sharia bullshit to the end. Peace, you are an act to follow

        • No you are the ridiculous one.

          Have you ever visited Italy? When you went into the churches what did you have to do? There was a dress code, correct?

          I know religion. Historically Christianity stripped women of many of their rights. Islam gave women back those rights. The headscarf is minuscule in the big picture of Islam and feminism and women’s rights. In fact there is way too much emphasize on it from non Muslims and they need to stop. Because no one is asking any other women to take their cross off around their neck or take their wigs off (as in the Jewish faith)

          If you want to know about Islam ask an important question

          • A religion that puts the onus on WOMEN for men’s BEHAVIOR is sexist. There is no converse of that. Men don’t wear head covers and dress like they lived in a distant past century. I bring it up because it is a GLARING insult to women. The women IN this faith have been brainwashed into thinking this is OK. As is separate mosque worship, multiple wives for MEN, no multiple husbands for women. Yes, there is a dress code in Italy and I think it’s JUST as sexist. But it is not America and we have no influence over there. Women in Christian faiths are not required to wear crosses around their necks. I don’t know about this wig thing in the Jewish faith, but I’m guessing that is the conservative arm only. And again, I say it is sexist. If it’s good for the goose, it must be so for the gander. When it isn’t, there is something out of quilter and something rotten in Denmark…

          • Though her words are quite “liberated” her clothes are, again, from another century and hide her hair, neck, ears, legs, arms, her body. The only thing celebrated in her outfit is her pregnancy, a traditional honored role in traditional societies/cultures/religions. There is spillover into modern culture too, about pregnancy. Traditional roles are often honored. There is this disconnect with makeup, I admit. Unsure about that one. In the Catholic church, where I was raised, we were required to wear hair covering until Vatican II in the 1960s. It was considered an insult to God to show your “Crowning Glory”… your hair, in a worship situation. No one could wear pants to church or short skirts, or tight clothes. It doesn’t matter what you show up in to pray. It matters THAT you show up to pray. Men and women were also on separate sides of the church. All of that is GONE! There is so much more important about prayer and worship. God doesn’t care what you look like or what you wear. That’s the conclusion the church came to. Also doesn’t care if you’re straight, gay or transgender or however you ID yourself. It’s all about the goal of prayer. As I initially said, oppression is not just about women. It’s about lots of groups that have been marginalized by Islam and other religions. Everyone needs to open their hearts and not worry about sexualities. None of this matters to God.

          • And at this point for all intent and purposes our conversation has come to it’s logical end. As Muslims have been instructed to do I leave you with this:

            Say (to those who are disbelievers), O you who disbelieve (In Islam)!
            I worship not that you worship.
            And nor do you worship what I worship.
            And I shall not worship what you have worshiped.
            And nor you shall worship what I worship.
            For you, your religion. and for me my religion. (Surah Khaffiroon – 109)
            I think all the bases are covered in those six short verses.

          • I didn’t respond to this because I was busy last night. I will now and end the conversation. All this stuff about DISBELIEVERS is bull shit. Those of us with faith believe in one god. I do. The rules of all this clothing to cover women are men’s rules, not god’s. The writings in the bible, except for what Jesus is quoted as saying is all filtered through men. There is no writing from Jesus about what people should WEAR, women or men, what sexuality they should have. None of that is important. Jesus asks us to pray in remembrance of him at the Mass. He asks us to be good Samaritans, help one another. He asks us to share our bounty, The Wedding at Cana. He asks us to be compassionate, raising Lazarus from the dead, curing the lame, blind. I’m with Jesus. Christianity is the broadest most forgiving religion on the planet. There are few rules and the few rules are simple, straightforward and don’t oppress anyone. And I mean the biblical Jesus. Not the church’s rules… That’s the source. Very simple. Very clean. Go and sin no more woman, he tells Mary Magdalene. Don’t use men for their money. Don’t use your body to make money. He didn’t like the money lenders making too much money either. They should make some. But not like Wells Fargo. Bad is bad…. I’m done…

          • I am sick and tired of the constant whining and complaining coming from you Muslims.

            The arrogance many, many Muslims display is obscene.

            Nobody cares about you and your ridiculous, Islamic Supremacist ideology, or you’re special feelings. Just ask them. Especially if you find them in a bar. People will often give you the truth when they’re liquored up. Whoever thought up this ‘Muslim Women’s Day’ is a Muslim or a Social Justice Warrior. Equally as repugnant.

            Furthermore, when I want to learn about Islam, I google it. Any verse from the Quran, Hadith, or Sira is at my fingertips. This information used to be very difficult to obtain; but thanks to (Israeli) technology, it’s a breeze. For example:

            “{Taqiyya}, the Islamic concept which calls for Muslims to lie to the enemy and deceive him based on Quran 3:28, to fool non-Muslims and those who are gullible or ignorant, and who play right into his hands.”

            One might expect Muslims to be thankful they are living in the greatest country in the history of the world. America and Western Europe have been unbelievably kind to Muslims.

          • That must be it Chris. Your persuasive arguments have won me over. Success at last. ????

          • That definition of “Taqiyya” is inaccurate and self-serving to the source (Israeli technology). Being a Muslim for now going on 31 years. I have studied classical Arabic, Quranic recitation tarteel and taweel,, and am familiar with the science of hadith, and Sharia. THE ONLY time taqiyya has ever been mentioned or referenced to me in all that time is from non-Muslims attempting to make a point about so called dissembling by Muslims.

            More accurately “Taqqiya ( تقیة‎‎) is a dispensation that allows Muslims to protect their life if under duress they are being coerced to commit a prohibited act in word or deed.
            FROM Wikipedia:

            “The term taqiyya (Arabic: تقیة‎‎ taqiyyah/taqīyah) is derived from the Arabic triliteral root wāw-qāf-yā, denoting “fear”, or “prudence, guarding against (a danger)”.

            FROM Wikipedia:

            The technical meaning of the term taqiyya is derived from the Quranic reference to religious dissimulation in Sura 3:28:

            “Let not the believers take the unbelievers for protectors rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully (illā an tattaqū minhum tuqāt).”

            The two words tattaqū (“you fear”) and tuqāt “in fear” are derived from the same root as taqiya, and use of the abstract noun taqiya in reference to the general principle described in this passage is first recorded in a Qur’anic gloss by Al-Bukhari (9th century).

            Along with the concept of “Kitman” which means to cover or hide, both concepts are most often encountered in the madhahib (schools of thought) of Shi’i Islam and not so much if at all in the madhahib of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah (Sunni Muslim).
            How convenient that you take one word from one verse from one chapter of the Qur’an and now transmit as if you or from wherever you received it are versed in the ijma (scholarly consensus) or qiyas (Islamic jurisprudence) of a matter. And then have the nerve to make reference to “Israeli” technology as some appeal to authority of those sources.

          • Islamists hate Jews it and makes no earthly sense. Muhammad told his followers to hate Jews. Monkey see, monkey do. I feel so bad for Jews fighting to protect themselves against the insane Palestinians. But every other country on earth must also do what it MUST, to keep Islamists off us and out of our politics. Sharia is ghastly!

            I nearly fell out of my chair when I read your comparison of sharia to science. That’s was a good one.

            The Quran is easy to follow, and it’s in chronological order. It includes the Mecca Muslims and Medina Muslims. Peaceful Mecca Muslims came before the militant and political Medina Muslims. We all should know by now that any religious aspect of Islam was cancelled out by Muhammad himself adter he reached Medina.

            Muhammad was not exactly a poet, and was remarkably straightforward in his hatred for everything he did not consider to be Islamic. One thing is for sure: military action alone is not nearly enough to defeat Islamization of the West. Political Islam and its incompatibility with the US Constitution is a grievous problem that must be dealt with NOW.

        • I refer you to and defer to the comments of Noor Tojenna’s as her Muslima perspective is objectively more credible than mine, and TaishaP as well. Oh and Fgustina Purwati too! I’d refer you to my two daughters as well but their comments aren’t here to be seen. Thanks for your concern, but your theoretical and visceral consideration absent a conversation with at least one or two muhajibah (hijab wearing, adult muslima’s) is just that: theoretical and visceral.

          • There is nothing theoretical or visceral about what I am saying. I am talking about a double standard. It doesn’t matter that these women say they are loving wearing a hijab. Men do not wear similar garb. They dress Western. Why is there a double standard. It’s clear to me that men and women do not have equal standing in Islam. This was just as true in this country in the 1950s and remains so to a certain degree today.

        • I think IbnAswad is on topic. Stealth Jihad is being implemented by the 57 countries that make up the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Cultural Jihad is being implemented in Western Europe, Canada, and America. It is devastating to our basic human rights.

          Islamic Blasphemy laws
          (AKA anti Islamophobia) have already been implemented in Western Europe and Canada. Canada is among the most peaceful and enlightened country in the world. They have been robbed of a basic human right to freedom of speech by a Muslim, Pakistani born female politician, named Iqra Khalid. Needless to say, millions of Canadians are not happy AT ALL.

          Radical Islamic Extremism is an existential danger to our culture and way of life. ESPECIALLY for girls and women. This creeping Islamization is not completed overnight, for obvious reasons. These people are very patient. They have a 100 year plan for America’s eventual Caliphate.

          Happy Muslim Women’s Day. ????

    • Hello Ann Plicque , I’m a muslim women and I’m wearing hijab, I’m feel free wearing it, and this hijab also comfortable to me. I decided to wear it since in young age, I am feeling safe going to outside, you know I’m not afraid Sun will burn my skin or my hair become drying ’cause I covered it, I am really become a women when wearing hijab. Okay maybe all my experience hard to imagine for those who didn’t wear hijab, so maybe someday I invite you to feel those experiences by your heart 🙂


      • Fgustina, I am going to assume you don’t live in a Muslim majority country. As I’m sure you are aware, there are severe punishments for women who dare go out in public without the Muslim veil in Iran. Punishment is often years in prison, and public lashings.

        In Saudi Arabia, women are forced, again with extreme repercussions for not doing so, to wear the black burqa/niqab. The hot sun contains the body heat in these black garments and they are not cotton. They don’t breathe. I wonder how comfortable it is for them.

        You say you feel ‘safe’ wearing the Muslim veil. That’s good, I want you to feel safe. But do you not feel an obligation to your sisters in these countries that suffer unimaginable torture under Islamic Rule/Sharia law?

        Personally, as a grateful American woman, I would never put on the Islamic head scarf. It’s a matter of dignity, and a sense of ‘solidarity’ with the many women who seek to reform Islam, and who are routinely treated as less than human. It does not look comfortable.

        This is daily LIFE under Sharia Law, and I don’t want Sharia or Islamic Rule, anywhere near any Western democracy, especially America.

      • Darling: I don’t burn my skin either. I wear sunscreen every day. But I don’t hide beneath a hijab. That’s my only issue. Men don’t wear them. Only women. This is patently unfair and sexist. That’s all I’m saying. Blessing on you, darling!

    • From the perspective of many 1st world Muslim women they CHOOSE to wear the veil; not all are being forced into it. I know a lot of girls at my school who are Muslim and elect to wear the veil as an expression of their own views of femininity and modesty that just so happen to align with the teachings and precepts of the quran. And as a feminist I support their right to express themselves as such.

      • Chris one can be feminine and modest and not cover up their neck, hair and in some cases their bodies. The quran is similar to the bible. Do we take every word of it as law? If that were true I would’ve been traded to a man for a few cattle or goats. It’s true, everyone may express themselves in every way in this country. Hiding oneself under garb that defines women as sexual temptresses and needing to be controlled has nothing to do with feminism. I had a conversation with an Islamic woman born here who worn the nun’s outfit and was an RN. She seemed very normal to me except for her outfit and one day I asked her about it. She became angry and agitated and said it was shameful the way American women dressed and she believed in being modest. Well I was standing next to her in board shorts, men’s sandals and a T-shirt and her words were aimed at my immodest outfit, it was quite clear. These outfits don’t express as much as they repress.

        • I’ll be the 2nd Chris chiming in here to say that, for many, they choose to wear it for a variety of personal reasons. My wife chooses not to wear one 98% of the time, but we have family and friends that do every day and it’s part of them.

          For a different perspective, here’s a fantastic podcast that you might enjoy. It’s titled “Majd’s Diary: Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl” by Radio Diaries and it’s truly well done.

          Ann, that conversation you referenced could very well be the same conversation between any two people today. If we polled 1,000 American women in their twenties and asked if the, at the time, “risque” bathing suits of the 50’s were expressive or repressive, I’d be willing to bet the overwhelming majority would vote the latter.

          • I can understand wearing one so as not to offend in a traditional family situation… Some folk are not so enlightened. But to wear one every day speaks of something entirely different. It’s like I didn’t wear hot pants around my mom when they were in vogue because she would be offended…. This is get and have no issue with at all.

      • You may support their Right in a free country, Chris. But don’t fool yourself into thinking this right is RIGHT. If a woman has to hide her body and a man doesn’t SOMETHING IS PATENTLY WRONG!!! It is a double standard and it is SEXIST. If you can’t see that, you need to think seriously about it. My body, as great as it is, doesn’t not cause a man to rape me. Rape is a crime of CONTROL, not passion. Rapists rape women from 4 to 100. I personally knew a skinny little 82 year old who was raped by young men in their 20s. They did this to hurt this woman, who was kind, didn’t bother anybody. Wish they would’ve tried to rape me. They would’ve been seriously hurt for the rest of their lives…. And I mean that with all my guns and knives…

        • Not sure how many people need to tell you that not all situations are the same and that a tremendous number of women choose to wear them off their own will before you recognize it.

          • It is still a repressive throwback to stop women’s sexuality from being as free as men’s. It doesn’t MATTER that women accept this situation. Black people accepted sitting in the backs of buses until the 1950s. The only mass influx of women in the workplace was during WWII when there were no men to build airplanes. When the men returned and wanted their jobs back, even though many woman wanted to continue to work, they were fired because men “Needed to support their families.” As if women didn’t need to support theirs? There is all kinds of sexism around the world. The hijab is just one form of it. It’s very sad Islamic culture accepts this as OK. It isn’t.

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