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Official MuslimGirl Statement Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Official MuslimGirl Statement Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

MuslimGirl stands firmly with the Armenian community in its struggle for justice and extend our unwavering support in solidarity.

We vigilantly condemn statements made in the April 19 press release issued by the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). We believe that in the statement, the USCMO and its signatories plainly deny and whitewash the Armenian Genocide. Through the Council’s willful and unjust politicization, the press release audaciously questions the systemic killing of 1.5 million Armenians campaigned by Ottoman Turks, claiming it this historical tragedy is merely a “one-sided interpretation of the 1915 events.” The USCMO attempts to act on behalf of the Muslim community, but we believe it does not represent the youths’ sentiments.

The painful truth is that millions of Armenians continue to live with the devastating loss of their people and way of life 100 years later. Beginning in 1915, Turkey systemically enacted a policy and campaign of genocidal violence on the Armenian people in their homeland through massacres, depopulation, and confiscation of Armenian land; deportation, abduction/torture, enslavement in concentration camps; and the complete desecration of Armenian life. To argue that there are greater complexities and a need for investigation is plainly erasure — the denial of the Armenian Genocide and the continuing struggle and suffering of the Armenian people.

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We reject any divisive attempts by organizations and governments alike to fragment the concerted effort of our generation to stand on the right side of history. It is impossible for our community to organize on behalf of our struggles while rejecting those of another. On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, our minds and hearts are with our Armenian brothers and sisters.

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  • Well, the genocide did take place, no doubt about that but the real problem is not that the Turkish govt. at that time did it. The real worry is that Muslims are going to be implicated in conducting this genocide. Now, all the apologist of Islam are going to find some straws so as to deny the implication of Muslims in that episode.
    To make things easier, it would be easy for the Muslim apologetics to denounce those doing the genocide as not Muslims just like they doing these days when ISIL, Boko Haram, Taliban etc. carry out massacres of others including Muslims on daily basis today. Any takers for that..!

    • Munna
      The fight for justice on the topic of the Armenian Genocide is geared more towards finding closure and having justice. As an Armenian Muslim Convert, I still find myself fighting for the cause to bring recognition of this tragedy that effected my family.

      • As you know that Islam is not an ancient religion, it was founded after other religions like Christianity. The indoctrination behind it contains many such implied expectations that it is a religion free of evils. And it also on the other hand assert the supremacy of itself.
        However, for a Muslim person either converting or following it, it’s quite difficult to accept the fallibilities of the adopted religion. It’s same with every other religion too. But, I don’t think that time has still come or the Muslims populace have matured enough to accept any evils of the past or even the present. Everyday, so many Muslims are killed by other Muslims in the name of Islam yet, the followers tend to ignore it like nothing has happened. If you confront them, they’re likely to divert the issue or blame the questioning person itself for having wrong motives. Hence, I think there’s long way to go before there’s a generation in which Muslims will accept some or any of their follies whether in the past or even in the present itself.
        Regarding your efforts for recognition of the genocide, that’s commendable.

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