Here Is Your Complete Go-To Gift Guide for Norooz!

For the beloved:


1. Firooz Cufflinks by Nedlook

Buy here. About the designer: “Nedlook is a handmade jewelry brand that takes inspiration from Persian tile designs. It features beautiful pieces to preserve the unique designs of old tiles and ceramics made centuries ago in Persia (modern day Iran) and shares the beauty of this country with people who have a special place in their hearts for this land.”


2. Persian Calligraphy Pomegranate Silver Earrings by Nazila and Mahsan

Relaying two classic, and instantly recognizable lines from traditional Persian lessons. Man anaar daram (I have a pomegranate), baba anaar dad (father gave me a pomegranate). Buy here.


3. Calligraphy Earrings by Shadras

Buy here. About the designer: “Shadras Handmade Jewellery is a Dubai based brand consists of three sisters: Shiva who is a painter, Mahsa, an architect and Mellisa who is a graphic designer. Having trained in jewelry design for years under three different design philosophies, we take inspiration from our surroundings such as nature, architecture, Iranian culture and calligraphy and incorporate these into our work and together they help us formulate our design ideas. The design is of much greater importance to us than the intrinsic value of the materials we work with. Our styles vary from traditional to modern. Innovation has been the most important element in our design and our goal is to create inspired and unique artworks using our imagination. We make jewelry for all segments of society without ostentation, rather with class and style and regardless of price. We would like to introduce the Iranian culture to the world via Persian-inspired jewelry.”


4. Ceramic Pomegranates by Afsoon Booth

Buy here. About the artist: “I am a Designer/Artist in the Los Angeles area. I also do product design. I am Persian myself, but I grew up in Turkey, Canada and Japan. I travel to Iran very frequently almost like a tourist where I am so intrigued and inspired by the handicrafts and the culture. I love the history of Pomegranates and the shape and how it has influenced femininity and poetry. Everyone should have a Pomegranate in their home for prosperity and good luck. Red stands for empowerment and love, turquoise is for evil eye, and white is for peace and tranquility. I would like to continue my process of Persian Style to inspire and bring nostalgia to everyone who lives outside of the country.”


5. Ethical Fashion –  This T-Shirt by Khordad

Buy the “We demand a Government that is firmly based on the equality of human beings, man and woman” T-Shirt by Khordad. About the designer: “Khordad is a celebration of our rich culture, a subtle protest to Iran’s contemporary social issues, and the demonstration of universal values using western/eastern art fusion.”

6. Arghavan Dress by Azadeh Taj

Buy here. About the designer: “Azadeh Taj comes with a style and a trend that not only supports eco-friendly products but with an idea that has a flavor. This flavor introduces and follows the pure playfulness of a girl or boy in an adult person, allowing ones imagination to reopen again as a child. It is the hope of company to provide, through clothing, a deeper thought of self-examination, observation and soul-searching that reminds us to reconnect to our child-like that has somewhat been lost to the “economical stretch” of a fast paced world. We bring forth our brand to widen the doors of reflection. Hence, we offer a multiple trend for fashion with fun colors and prints, while still embracing organic fabrics in the simplicity and authentic thought for a better planet.

It is our desire to bring sustainable clothing, not just for the environment but also for the safety of employees. Our “American Label” is located in Brooklyn, New York. We source our materials from inside the US only and work with New York production companies and freelance teams inside New York. All production, including pattern/sample and print making, logo labeling and branding are made in New York with 100% transparency. While presenting our very own progressive and thought provoking ideas molded in form of an intellectual, humorous and stylish modern wear which is based on unique cultural, social, political and of course fashion studies of the designer Azadeh Taj, combined into this rare clothing line.”

7. Persian Ethnic Jacket by Matin

Buy here. About the designer: “‘It all started when we were just little girls. I remember drawing my dream dresses and Anahita making clothes for her dolls!’ Aida and Aanahita Matin were born and raised in Tehran, Iran and They both studied painting at Azad university of Tehran, where they developed their personal aesthetics influenced by art. Anahita has continued her studies in Italy at IUAV University of Venice in Design of Fashion, developing a western dimension of fashion. Matin was launched in 2005 and currently has a showroom in Venice, Italy. Matin’s inspiration comes from Persian heritage, ancient literature and architecture with a touch of the zeitgeist, creating its own patterns and designs of fabric.

Their designs are also displayed at stores. Matin has had collaborations with companies of brand Sony and Italisteel Furniture and also Roshas center in Tehran.”