Here Is Your Complete Go-To Gift Guide for Norooz!

For the Kids:

1. Happy Nowruz: Cooking With Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year

A beautiful and interactive look into the flavors, scents, and sights of Norooz. From coloring eggs, to sprouting sabzeh, and setting the haft-sin, this book features 25 recipes that are easy to follow for children and families. Buy it here!


2. Ethically Crafted Persian Block Set

Dr. Bashi’s pedagogically advanced and ethically crafted wooden blocks offer children with an intricate learning experience that relays letters, words and images. Available in Farsi and Arabic. Get it on Etsy here!


3. Personalized Alphabet Placement

What could be cuter than your little one eating sabzi polo va mahiwhilst simultaneously learning their special alphabet this Norooz? Gift your child with the language of their culture! Available in Persian, Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew and Urdu.


3. Handmade Persian Numbers

Soft and colorful, the perfect way to learn both numbers and colors. Buy them here!


4. “Conference of the Birds

Instill a mystical love for poetry, reading and art as you introduce your child to youthful rendition of the celebrated Sufi poem by Farid ud-Din Attar. Buy on Amazon here!