Suzanne Barakat speaks at TEDWomen 2016 - It's About Time, October 26-28, 2016, Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, San Francisco, California. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

Islamophobia Killed My Brother

Listen as Suzanne Barakat tells a story that hits close to home for many of us. Experiencing Islamophobia in modern day America is not something alien to most Muslims, however it is very rarely spoken about with such raw emotion on public platforms. The uneven keel placed upon Muslim criminals and those that are readily labelled…


Watch: Can You Guess Who’s Muslim?

Stereotypes are rife in the modern world, although collectively as a society there is a movement to eradicate this. Watch this group of people try to guess who in the group are Muslim. What makes this video even more interesting in the reasoning behind why each person has come to their decision; some decisions are…


Will These 36 Questions Help You Find Love?

A New York Times article based on a “love experiment” went viral recently — and we know why. The experiment, conducted by psychologist Arthur Aron, brought people together together to ask 36 specific questions to each other. The result? Love. Would you fall in love with someone if you were asked these 36 questions?  Watch…

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#MGTop8: How Refinery29 Redefines Passing the Mic

Refinery29 gets our Pass The Mic superlative in our first-ever #MGTop8. The #MGTop8 highlights fearless changemakers that are making an impact on elevating Muslim women’s voices. To view the rest of our #MGTop8, click here. Refinery29, a leading global media company founded by Justine Stefano, Philippe Von Borries, Piera Gelardi and Christene Barberich in 2005, is…

A woman wearing a headscarf joins a demonstration organised by "Stand up to Racism" outside the French Embassy in London on August 26, 2016 against the Burkini ban on French beaches. France's highest administrative court on Friday suspended a controversial ban on the burkini by a French Riviera town after it was challenged by rights groups. In a judgement expected to lead to bans being overturned in around 30 towns, the State Council ruled the measure was a "serious and clearly illegal violation of fundamental freedoms". Several mayors in southeast France on Friday said they would maintain their bans on the Islamic burkini swimsuit despite a ruling by France's highest administrative court to suspend the measures. / AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS

This 10-Year-Old’s Reaction to a UK Primary School’s Attempted Hijab Ban Is Inspirational

A top UK primary school based in Newham, London, ordered the hijab to be banned for all students under the age of eight. The school, St. Stephan’s, also discouraged fasting on school property. School governors and head teacher Neena Lall cited lack of integration with British culture, along with health and safety concerns, as the…