3 Ways to Make a Difference on #MuslimWomensDay

We are so excited to be celebrating #MuslimWomensDay on March 27, and we have three ways you can make a difference by getting involved in the action! First and foremost, you can center Muslim women’s voices for the day. Use your platform to elevate the voices of phenomenal Muslim women stories from marginalized communities. Share their stories…


Muslim Girl Editor Talks Girl Power at Google Zeitgeist

Muslim Girl’s founder and editor-in-chief Amani Al-Khatahtbeh joined YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh at Google Zeitgeist this year to talk internet bullies, sexism and racism online, and changing the world. The conversation they have will motivate you to feel empowered, reach for your dreams and find your authentic voice.


An Ode to Brown Girls Who Are Too Brown

Submitted by Amara Chaudhry Amara Chaudry performs with absolute rawness, uncensored, about the truth of colorism and blackness with Muslim and South Asian communities. Watch and listen to her as she tells a story that so many can relate to today – that brown girls are beautiful.