Muslim Women-Focused Series Nabs Webby Award!

The votes have been tallied and we are soooooooo excited to announce that YOUR VOICES WERE HEARD and our Teen Vogue series “Ask a Muslim Girl” won a Webby Award! Teen Vogue is taking home the 2017 Webby Award in the social video series for our collaboration on demolishing misconceptions about Muslim women.

Muslim Girl is super honored to have had the opportunity to work with Teen Vogue on such an important series discussing issues millennial Muslims face everyday – some that other millennials who are not Muslim never have to think about. Our very own editor-in-chief, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, along with editors and writers, Shanzay Farzan, Safaa Khan, Sara Abozed, Zoha Qamar and Halimah Elmariah, were featured in the series — making it a project very near and dear to our hearts. We absolutely love the fact that Teen Vogue understood that we needed a platform, and that they made the space for us that we deserved.

You are all a part of this honor because you recognize the importance of reclaiming our narrative.

Without a doubt, the Webby Award is the most distinguished honor to receive for one’s work within the area of “websites, online film and video, advertising and media, mobile sites and apps, and social media,” according to the Webby Awards website. It went on to explain that last year’s Webby Awards received “over 13,000 entries from 70 countries around the world and were reviewed by an unprecedented quality of judges.”

We are fully aware that this recognition did not come without your support. Those of you who voted, those who spread the word, those who continue to be an ally… you are all a part of this honor because you recognize the importance of reclaiming our narrative. Thank you!

Make sure you check out the list of others who were honored with the 2017 Webby Award as well, and don’t forget to watch the 21st Annual Webby Awards Show on May 16, 2017, at!