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Sufi, Sunni, Shia – What’s Right for Me?

Sarah asked— My faith has been weakening gradually for the past few months. I don’t feel at peace when I pray like I used to, and I can’t concentrate no matter how hard I try. I’ve asked God to bring me closer to Him, but even then the request doesn’t come from the heart. I…


How Can I Convince My Parents to Let Me Wear Hijab?

Amina asked: Q: How can I convince my parents to let me wear hijab? Since I was 10, I’ve wanted to wear hijab. I’ve always been more mature than the students in my class. I’m going to seventh grade and taking two high school classes and one 8th grade. Last year after doing tons of…


Do Women Need 4 Witnesses to Prove Rape?

Trigger Warning: Rape. Q: Does Islam require a victim to provide four witnesses before it can be proven that she was raped? This is, unfortunately, a very common and very serious misconception amongst many Muslims — not only the average Muslim, but Muslims who would call themselves scholars of Islam. The very short answer to…


Dear MuslimGirl: Help!

The first advice column was created in 1898 by a woman named Marie Manning. The column was called Dear Beatrice Fairfax, and while it was inspired by letters from women looking for advice, the column did not discriminate. Manning offered advice to women and men, to the young and the old, to the lovelorn, the…


Dress for Success

Whether you’ve been called to an interview, or finally fulfilled your quest for employment, chances are you’re going to need to know how to dress. As with anything to do with the workforce, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the dress code. In fact, the best advice would be to take a look…


The Business Handshake

The Professional Muslim Girl series was inspired by our Editor-in-Chief’s request for an article addressing the business handshake, and how to deal with it if you are discomfited by the idea of shaking hands with your male boss or coworkers. I was excited about the article from the get-go; the problem of getting out of…


The Interview

THE INTERVIEW The interview is the final hurdle standing in between you and your job. Whether it is in-person, over the phone, or via video chat, the interview may be the first time you are speaking directly to a person who decides whether or not to employ you. Interviews are often the toughest parts of…


What If I Can’t Find a Job?

THE JOB SEARCH You’ve got your resume, and you know how to write a cover letter. What’s next, you ask? Well, the simple answer would be: mail out your documents and hope for an interview. However, finding a job can often be the biggest obstacle on the path to employment. What do you do if…


Writing the Cover Letter

THE COVER LETTER A pristine cover letter is the second step to impressing a prospective employer. Well, technically, it’s the first; while the cover letter serves to introduce you and your resume to a recruiting agent, it should never be written before your resume is ready to go. Your cover letter may give employers a…


Polishing Your Resume

As the new year unfolds, many of us are hitting the job market, enthusiastically (and not-so-enthusiastically) on the lookout for a first job, a career switch, or a fresh start. This series is intended to help you, as a Muslim woman, prepare for every step and stone on the path to a job or internship….