8 Inspiring Muslims You Should Be Following on Snapchat

While Snapchat has made us proud by occasionally featuring Muslim countries and events in their Live Stories (like this one), we’ve got you covered (pun intended) on a daily basis with these 8 totally inspiring Muslims to follow on Snapchat:

1. Ibtihaj Muhammad


Team U.S.A. fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad regularly snaps her travels, competing and training (and winning!) all over the world. You can follow her on the road to Rio on Snapchat at ibtihajjj.

2. Vela Scarves


The velascarves Snapchat is ultimate #girlsquad goals. We love following founder Marwa Atik and her Vela Girls’ west coast adventures — especially when they pause for a dance break.

3. Fajr Army


But first, Fajr. Follow fajrarmy on Snapchat for a sneak peek at upcoming T-shirt designs and even poetry recitations!

4. Tazzyphe


YouTuber Tasneem “Tazzyphe” is just as sarcastic and hilarious on Snapchat as she is in her YouTube videos. Follow her at tazzyphe.

5. illMuslims


The Chicago-based illMuslims crew does Snapchat “takeovers” — giving Muslims all across the country access to their account to share how they spend Eid and other special days and events. Add them on Snapchat at illmuslims.

6. Dina Tokio


Follow designer and vlogger Dina Tokio and her husband Sid’s often hilarious antics on Snapchat at dinatokio — now with an occasional cameo from their newborn baby Hana. And don’t forget their cat, Choji, who also sometimes steals the show!

7. Fly With Haifa


Dubai-based Palestinian travel blogger Haifa Beseisso’s energy is so much fun to watch on Snapchat. Follow her to exotic locations where she shoots her travel videos, meets and interviews locals — most recently in Zanzibar and India. Follow her on Snapchat at flywithhaifa, and you’ll be certain to end up with a smile on your face.

8. Ascia AKF


Looking for a daily dose of modest style inspo? Everyone’s favorite Kuwaiti fashion blogger’s Snapchat game is strong — follow Ascia Al-Faraj at asciaakf to get a look behind the scenes at all the biggest fashion events and photo shoots, as well as her life at home as a wife and mother.

Written by Zhila Shariat  — Twitter: @djtanner_