A young female muslim tourist is taking photos while traveling.

5 Inspiring Muslim Content Creators You Should Check Out

Since we’re all home and under various phases of stay at home orders, many of us have extra time on our hands. With the Internet, there’s no shortage of content to consume, but we thought you’d enjoy checking out some of our favorite creative Muslim content creators, who do everything from poetry to photography. Check them out below!

The Brown Hijabi 

Suhaiymah is a University of Cambridge graduate who writes about Islamophobia, race, gender and decolonization. Her debut poetry collection, Postcolonial Banter, is out now. 

Mustafa the Poet 

Mustafa is a singer and songwriter whose work centers around religion, identity, and youth. His latest song, “Stay Alive,” is available on all streaming platforms. 

Hodan Yousuf 

Hodan is an influencer whose style focuses on androgynous fashion and cosplay. Her Instagram is filled with all of her best looks, along with runway looks from shows. 


Ahmed is a photographer who mainly creates self-portraits and nature art. His Instagram features different pictures, each with a distinct theme.  


Shaista Deen 

Shaista is a creative director and photographer based in the U.K. and Trinidad. Her self-portraits are expressive, showcasing her identity through a lens.