12 #MuslimWomensDay Posts From Our Partners and Allies That Gave Us the Feels

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Muslim Women’s Day — our fourth annual one — a huge success!

We had a great time flooding the internet with our own authentic narratives centered around autonomy, particularly because we got to express ourselves without filtering them through the lenses of others.

But it wasn’t just all about what we had to say. Simple acts of solidarity seem more important now than ever before, and we think many don’t realize how much a few kind words can mean. A short post of appreciation on social media can impact the perception of so many, especially in today’s digital age. Support akin to what we saw on #MuslimWomensDay indicates that we are being seen; that we are being acknowledged. The fact that so many went out of their way to show their support for the astounding strength of the Muslim women who inspired them was astonishing, and did not fail to surprise and uplift.

And so, in light of the stunning display of allyship we witnessed on our fourth Muslim Women’s Day, here are some super sweet Muslim Women’s Day tweets that gave us all the feels, and showed us true allyship is out there:

1. Thanks for Your Support!

2. Representation Matters:

3. Standing Against Hate:

4. We Will Always Remain Strong:

5. HerCampus Always Comes Through:

6. Sage Advice:

7. What Autonomy Is All About:

8. An Ode to Fearless Muslim Women Everywhere!

9. And to Healthcare Workers in These Scary Times:

10. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

11. Wise Words from BlogHer and Malala:

12. Can’t Wait to Celebrate Our Sisters Again Next Year!