This #MuslimWomensDay, We Sounded off on Autonomy

As we put our fourth annual Muslim Women’s Day behind us, we take a look back at the plethora of content that came out of this day, centered on the narratives of Muslim women in their own voices.

Our newsfeeds were blessed with the most important conversations centered around the lives and daily realities of Muslim women. Whilst centered on this year’s theme of “autonomy,” the presence of Muslim women in the fields of politics, beauty, fashion, and all forms of media were brought into the spotlight.

Muslim Women’s Day is a unique opportunity to explore identity and autonomy beyond the standard norms, and expose how those on the fringes of societal norms are working to build more inclusive and welcoming environments for all to explore their unique, intersectional identities. Without a doubt, this day has evolved as a necessary part of any conversation surrounding Muslim women.

So, dive right in for the very best that 16 of our partners and allies had to offer with regards to all things identity and autonomy. Whether you’re searching for the latest on the wonders of being a multicultural Muslim women, or how faith helps Muslim women cope with chronic illness, or even if you’re just searching for a moment of relatability, we’ve got your back:

1. Allure

Allure had a wonderful summary of articles on Muslim women taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm:

18 Amazing Muslim Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

10 Muslim-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know

What the Fashion Industry’s Embrace of Modest Clothing Means to Me As a Muslim Woman

11 Muslim Women in the Fashion-Beauty Industry Reveal Their Style Icons

2. Bustle

In these difficult and uncertain times, trust Bustle to come through with something to make us laugh our worries away:

5 Muslim Women Comedians Who Will Get You Through Social Distancing

3. Byrdie

In a series of wide-ranging articles, Byrdie came through with nothing but fire on the lifestyle front:

How My Faith as a Muslim Helps Me Cope With My Chronic Illness

Beauty Test: 3 Hijab-Makeup Pairings That Have Us Dreaming of Spring

A Muslim Woman Shares How She Uses Her Hair as a Form of Resistance

4 Muslim Women on Representation, Headscarves, and Caring for Their Hair

4. Daily Kos

In one of our more unique and eye-opening features, read up on some of our fave Muslim women heroes:

This Muslim Women’s Day, celebrate 10 stereotype smashers from comic books to Congress

5. Forbes

Forbes hit us with the hard facts on why Muslim women are a vital economic powerhouse and should not be underestimated:

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Muslim Woman

6. GQ Middle East

GQ Middle East put our mission statement on display, and we couldn’t be more proud:

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh And Are Reshaping Tired Narratives Around Muslim Women

7. HerCampus

As is the case every year, HerCampus really came through on the ally front! They featured a series of articles that put the narratives of Muslim women front and center. From hard-hitting conversations surrounding identity and being a second-generation Muslim immigrant to digging deep into what empowers Muslim women, HerCampus was *the* digital destination for Muslim Women’s Day:

How Being a Multicultural Muslim Woman Empowers Me

We Asked 14 Muslim College Women What Empowers Them—Here’s What They Told Us

8 of Our Favorite Muslim Beauty Bloggers & Makeup Artists to Follow

14 Muslim College Women Tell Us What Empowers Them in 2020

I’m a Muslim Woman & I Choose Not to Cover My Head

The Burden of Success as a Second-Generation Immigrant

How Hana Elbarrawy, an On-Campus Activist, Finds Empowerment Through Her Muslim Identity

8. Huffington Post

You know those deep-seated questions you’ve always wanted to ask Muslim women about their hijab? Well, Huffington Post gave you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for:

Muslim Women Break Down The Myths Around Hair And Hijab

9. Hypebae

Hypbae came through this Muslim Women’s Day with a number of conversations centered on the creative Muslim women you need in your digital spaces:

5 Inspiring Creatives Shattering Stereotypes Of Muslims

9 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Modest Fashion Inspiration

Olympic Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad on Paving the Way for Muslim Women in Sports

7 Halal Beauty Brands to Add to Your Bag

10. Little White Lies

What must it be like to inform art and creativity in spaces that haven’t typically been open to the promotion of expression? Haifaa Al Mansour, a Saudi filmmaker, tells us in this enlightening and uplifting interview:

Haifaa Al Mansour: ‘It’s amazing to shape art in Saudi Arabia’

11. Refinery29

In keeping with their iconic style, Refinery 29 shared some unique perspectives on current events and how some South Asian women are reclaiming their narratives:

How The Muslim Ban Served As A Warning For Trump’s Response To Coronavirus

How South Asian Muslim Women Are Reclaiming Their Stories

12. StoryCorps

Are these stunning digital shorts sure to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between? That’s a hard yes. But will they also make your day just a little bit better than before? Another yes! Here are 3 short animations you definitely don’t want to miss:

Just Like Yesterday

You’re My Line

Driving Lessons

13. Simon & Schuster

Our partners at Simon & Schuster collated a list of Muslim wordsmiths to take your imaginations on adventures unknown:

Celebrating Muslim Women’s Day

14. Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue came through with an eye-opening interview on why Muslim Women’s Day is non-negotiable, and why Muslim teens are so obsessed with surveillance memes:

This #MuslimWomensDay, Autonomy Takes on a New Meaning

Muslim Teens Love Surveillance Memes That Give Them a Subversive Way to Cope

15. Vogue Arabia

If you’re looking for all the wondrous things we can learn from Muslim women in every field, look no further than Vogue Arabia:

Why Muslim Women’s Day is Important to These Iconic Female Trailblazers

16 Muslim Influencers with Modern Modest Fashion

7 Lessons to Learn From These Groundbreaking Muslim Women

10 Inspiring Muslim Women We Should All Look Up To

SZA, Karlie Kloss, and More Celebrate #MuslimWomensDay

16. Who What Wear

And finally, we go out with a bang featuring a frank and honest discussion with the one and only Halima Aden, a trailblazer and total icon in the fashion industry:

Talking Style, Representation, and Refugees on Screen With Halima Aden