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Suehaila Amen is currently employed as the Coordinator of International Admissions & Recruitment for the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Her work is to build relationships and bridges of understanding with foreign governments, academic institutions, and students and their families to increase international student enrollment to UM-Dearborn. An ideal and active leader in the Arab and Muslim American community, she recognizes challenges and knows how to overcome obstacles while her dedication and strength in educating and encouraging the youth of today has contributed to her character and growth, personally and professionally. Her experiences have paved the way for her advancement and aided her in participating in the establishment and participation of a number of community programs which enable students to foster learning, social justice and community empowerment. For over 20 years Amen has volunteered her services to various agencies and organizations, locally, nationally and globally, with a focus on issues concerning Muslim and Arab-American youth and society. This experience has been transformational for her. Her work, commitment, and ingenuity with prominent and well-respected organizations have positioned her in the heart of the Arab-American and Muslim community. She has been invited on numerous public diplomacy trips to represent the United States government, traveling to foreign countries to facilitate meetings and discuss strategies on counter-terrorism and combating violent extremism efforts. Amen also travels the nation speaking to groups and organizations on growing up Arab and Muslim American and a post-9/11 society, community building, and how to work together, as a unified voice for change. She and her family were featured on TLC’s Reality TV series, All-American Muslim, which aired in 2011-12.