Suehaila and friends at Hajj 2016.

I’m Not Settling, But Your Prayers Are Always Welcome

Each morning that I wake, I am grateful. Alhamdulillah. My faith is strong.  My family is loving, supportive and encouraging.  My job is comfortable, my friends remarkable, and my passion for helping others is unremitting. I travel the world, have a vast global business network, work with purpose and integrity, and have had meaningful experiences in…

Islamic Center of America, Dearborn, MI/Wikipedia

Muslim Dearborn Residents Prepare for Backlash Due to Orlando Shooting

The nation watches in horror as the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando continues to unfold. We have learned that Omar Mateen, a mentally unstable, allegedly closet homosexual with a history of drunken stupors, violent, odd, and abusive behavior, conducted the most deadly mass shooting of this century. Meanwhile, the American-Muslim community waits in terror…