Muslimgirl.com Founder Forced to Remove Hijab in France

french airport
  • Selin

    Can’t she take some sort of legal action? Being denied access to your embassy should violate some laws… I hope she gets justice for us all <3

  • Abel Niouss

    When you come in a country there are rules and you must respect that or don’t go in this country. When occidental women go in Saudi Arabia she has more rules to respect.

  • Etienne Vibaud

    Enough with your Islamophobia !!!
    Whenever you go to a country you have to respect their laws, rules and culture.
    If we were to make a big scandal like she did in U.A.E or Saudi Arabia, we would have been put to jail.
    So stop being intolerant, thinking only about your own precious little person.
    These days, with all terrorism and bombings that have occurred in our country, France, we can’t tolerate such an attitude. Who’s violating basic human rights here ? You’re just a joke, come on !
    This is the law and you are no exception. If you want to enter our country you must successfully pass a security and identification check and that, applies to anyone, muslim, jewish, catholic etc.
    So STOP making trouble when local authorities are asking you just one simple thing !

  • Copyright101

    Indeed it’s absurd.

    France should removing it’s Muslims, not fussing over what they wear.

    And I support the wearing of the hijab, it helps to remind whites who is ‘us’ and who is ‘them’.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      How are the Pieds-Noirs doing these days? Are they allowed to wear Western clothing? Or do they have to wear hijabs?

      • Copyright101

        It’s good that you keep bringing them up, like Germans ethnically cleansed after WW2 we’re just not supposed to think about the implications. Likewise the Greeks displaced after WW1.

        The rules is – white people can be uprooted after 100s of years of settlement. Non-whites can never be, even if foreign born.

  • Copyright101

    The assumption of control over women’s bodies is a direct violation of human rights.

    Indeed so, I’m sure the German women of Cologne would have something to say on the matter as would the thousands of teenage English girls interfered with in the last few years. But for some reason the forces of vocal feminism are prevented from speaking out for these women by some mysterious, inexplicable force field. Perhaps the white, male, Christian patriarchy is behind it?

    • Selin

      Yeah that was a great story, wasnt it? Too bad it came out a few weeks later that it was all good old white German boys harassing all their pure European women. It wasnt publicized with nearly the same intensity when the story was corrected. White people being disgusting creeps just isnt sexy enough for the news. So we cant really blame you for not knowing the facts, though it is ironic that you call yourself copyright101…

      • Copyright101

        Yeah that was a great story, wasnt it? Too bad it came out a few weeks later that it was all good old white German boys harassing all their pure European women.

        In which alternative universe did your facts come from?

        Perhaps you’re thinking of the news that many of the perpetrators were long time German residents or even ‘German’ citizens rather than recent immigrants. Maybe your low wattage IQ and poor reasoning ability allowed you to think that they were thus actual, bona fide, white Germans?

        • Selin

          Um no. Video footage from that night of a female reporter getting groped by a bunch of drunk Germans allowed me to recognize the reality for what it is. Let me know when you catch up so you might actually become an adequate participant in a debate. Unless you’re ready to admit that you’re completely fine with women getting harassed on the regular as long as it’s white people like your president doing the harassing. The darker the skin tone, the more protective you become of your women, it seems. You’re the one with the blatantly selective morality and yet have the audacity to question my IQ. Cute.

          • Copyright101

            Any handy links for this video evidence? I mean aside from all the other reports making it clear the perpetrators were North African/Arab.

            I guess you’re referencing this:


            Labye was unaware of the men standing behind her and making obscene gestures as she reported live from the carnival. The incident took place in the Alter Market district of Cologne as she went on air for Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française.

            Unaware? Doesn’t sound like much of an assault to me.

            ‘While reporting live, I got a kiss on the back of the neck,’ said Labye. Since it was Women’s Day in Cologne, Labye did not bother much and continued with the report.

            Hang on, I thought this was a sexual assault? It sounds more like a nuisance.

            “I lost my temper. knowing that I was not live, I angrily turned back and told them: You did that twice, not once! Don’t touch me, don’t touch me.” Although the men were too drunk to understand why Labye was angry, they quietly left the place, added Labye.

            So it turns out that all that’s necessary is tell off the naughty boys and away they go.

            What we have here is a one-off incident, hours earlier during the day. You, and the left/lib outlets that seized upon it at the time, then gleefully spin this into an explanation of the thousands of incidents reported later that night. Which, all witnesses seem to agree, were perpetrated by men of North African/Arab appearance.

          • Selin

            You’ve proven my point for me by trying to justify the actions of the men in the video. It’s all fun and games and who cares about the women when white men get drunk and harass them? Thanks for making your sincerity abundantly clear.

            Aside from this video, many of the women who went to the police to file reports came out after it became a refugee debate to say that the perpetrators were good ol’ born and raised Germans. Hardly a one-off. The one-off/lone-wolf “nuisance” privilege of the White Man is long dead. It’s not only ignorant but completely futile to try to revive it.

          • Smash Islamophobia

            Very sad to see this sort of North African invader rape denialism and toxic, primitive anti-White hatred promoted so openly (and ignorantly) in the current year. What do you think this is, 2015 or something? Let go of your hatred, and your impotent rage. Educate yourself. Try to be more tolerant.

          • Copyright101

            Some drunken arseholes who could be shut down with a few harsh words sound nothing at all like the mass assault that occurred later in the day. And how did I justify their actions?

            The refugee debate is itself a misdirection by tptb. It’s primarily a race issue regardless of whether the perpetrators arrived last week, last year or last decade.

            Essentially you’re appealing to an illusory racial egalitarianism by clinging to a single outlier.

  • Halal Boycott will end Islam

    I reckon that identifying the law enforcement officers via his badge number in this context is illegal:

    1) It is an allegation; not fact
    2) It endangers the life of the officer

    I am going to find out more about this. What I do know if that Amani Al-Khatahtbeh might be returning to France sooner than she thinks under France / US extradition treaties.