Muslimgirl.com Founder Forced to Remove Hijab in France

french airport
  • Selin

    Can’t she take some sort of legal action? Being denied access to your embassy should violate some laws… I hope she gets justice for us all <3

  • Abel Niouss

    When you come in a country there are rules and you must respect that or don’t go in this country. When occidental women go in Saudi Arabia she has more rules to respect.

  • Etienne Vibaud

    Enough with your Islamophobia !!!
    Whenever you go to a country you have to respect their laws, rules and culture.
    If we were to make a big scandal like she did in U.A.E or Saudi Arabia, we would have been put to jail.
    So stop being intolerant, thinking only about your own precious little person.
    These days, with all terrorism and bombings that have occurred in our country, France, we can’t tolerate such an attitude. Who’s violating basic human rights here ? You’re just a joke, come on !
    This is the law and you are no exception. If you want to enter our country you must successfully pass a security and identification check and that, applies to anyone, muslim, jewish, catholic etc.
    So STOP making trouble when local authorities are asking you just one simple thing !