Get Ready for Muslim Women’s Day on March 27!

  • Nawal

    I feel so special right now.
    Monday the 27th is the day before my birthday (The 28th)

  • Anna Hyle

    Nope. If I see any of these garbage-bag wearing monsters, I yank it from their heads. Rule of thumb. Muzrats aren’t worth the air they breath, and we’re making sure they know it.

    • Christopher James

      Wow, you want your name and face seen saying that? You’re just as bad if not WORSE than those extremists.

    • Noor Tojenna

      your body is yours and my body is mine. Live and let live and bring peace and love to the world ❤

  • Sunny

    Stand proud and strong!!!

  • Aziz El Rhomach

    Happy Muslim Womens Day

  • Ann Plicque

    I only have one issue with Muslim Women. I cannot stand by and say I support women being covered because they incite sexual thoughts in men, whereas men do not live covered because, well women don’t HAVE sexual thoughts. I don’t support separate worship spaces in mosques. Again, this sex separatism. Or the fact that Muslim women need to be protected by Sharia law. Again with the inequity. I’m not down with the coverup, which is exactly what it is. Women are dirty and sexual and cause problems and need to be hidden and controlled. There is nothing about this that is acceptable. The travel ban is just as wrong because it slaps a broad brush on a very diverse religious group. I long to hear the various voices. But I know some have been brainwashed into this women are bad and inferior…. or should be put on a pedastal and hidden away and deemed superior… Neither works. Equality is the goal. As much as we can be equal. This doesn’t just ring true for men and women, but for all groups of people on the planet.

    • IbnAswad

      Without commenting at all on any of the specifics of any of the things you can’t support or have a problem with, there is a really simple and straight-forward way for you to avoid all of it. Don’t become Muslim!

      • Ann Plicque

        This reply is ridiculous. I am not speaking to BECOMING Islamic. I am discussing the issues I have with being in a relatively free country that allows the practice of a patently unfree system for women practitioners of the Islamic faith, esp. under Sharia law. Please stay on topic.

        • Noor Tojenna

          I’m a Muslim Woman. I didn’t use to wear the Hijab and cover my body but now I do and I have never felt so free. My body is mine and I can do with it what I want. Nobody obliged me to wear the Hijab. I loved it I tried it and now I’m loving it forever ❤