Welcome to the Golden Age of Muslim Women in Comics

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This is a good time to be a nerd. Marvel’s superheroic epics have taken over the box office, and most importantly comics have become cool again. Or, maybe they have? It depends on who you ask. If you’re asking us, then yes, comics are DEFINITELY COOL.
Unlike the seemingly monochromatic nature of heroes in Marvel’s cinematic oeuvre (we love the MCU but let’s be real, the leads of their films tend to feature a strong diversity of white men named Chris), the comic universe is a multifaceted medium with diverse voices leading the way. At the center of this movement is a group of badass Muslim girls–scientists, doctors, high school students, superpowerful mutants, and more–leading the way.
We could go through a dozen articles talking about the different Muslim girl characters making waves in the medium, but for now Muslim Girl is going to detail the biggest movers & shakers in comicdom. This is the team that defines today’s era as The Golden Age of Muslim women in comics.
So, let’s meet the team!