We Went Around Asking White People Where They’re REALLY From

Ah, to wake up to a steaming pile of bigotry and racism in the morning. That’s pretty much our everyday with President Trump in office, especially when he’s using his overactive Twitter account to attack four congresswomen of color. Not straying too far from every racist’s manifesto, Trump suggested that anyone who dares to express their patriotism by insisting the U.S. rises to a higher standard than throwing children into cages, should “go back to where they came from.”

That’s not much different from what people of color hear everyday. Trump’s comments were quickly followed by the haunting roar of a “send her back” chant at a pro-Trump rally in North Carolina, aimed specifically at Rep. Ilhan Omar, and praised by the president as the work of “patriots.” While she might be the only representative of “The Squad” to be born outside of the U.S., it’s ironic and unsurprising that Rep. Omar has been a U.S. citizen longer than current FLOTUS Melania Trump. The emerging dialogue speaks to the sheer racism and double standard of assuming that somebody is not from here simply because they are a person of color — especially when the only people really “from” here are Native Americans.

So, can you guess what we did next? We linked up with our Shahd, or you may know her as @hadyouatsalaam, and hit Washington Square Park in New York City to ask white people where they’re from. No, like, where they’re REALLY from.