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This Is Why You Should Be Educated About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a terrible crime and can easily be likened to a form of slavery. It steals life, and the victims are forced to use another human for sex, labor, marriage, organ removal, or service against their will. While we hear a lot of human trafficking in other countries, but human trafficking is pervasive in the United States.

Every year, over 60,000 people are stolen for trafficking in the United States. Sadly, most of those are girls from ages 13 and up, and they are used for sexual exploitation. Continue reading to learn more about human trafficking in the United States and the statistics that everyone should know.

Only 1% of Human Traffic Victims Survive and Return Home

Internationally that number is less than 1%, which is sad, but what that means is that 99% or more of human traffic victims never return home. One reason is that victims are normally taken across borders to other states or countries. In addition to complex laws making it hard to find victims, many victims are afraid to come forward.

More Women are Trafficked Than Men

According to statistics, 71% of trafficked people are women and 29% men. It is easier to threaten and punish women into becoming sex workers which is a moneymaker for traffickers.

Human Trafficking Victims Face Unfair Punishment

Politicians, law enforcement, and just about everyone else understands that human trafficking is a severe offense against the rights of another human. Those forced into that life are often threatened, beaten, and punished if they dare tell anyone that someone else has taken away their human rights.

However, that is not a defense if they are caught on the street, for instance, selling sex or prostitution, which is illegal. Instead of prosecutors offering them a reason and going after the person in control, the sex worker is arrested and jailed. Even those under 18 who would typically be under parental supervision are punished by law for their crimes. However, several states have victim advocate groups trying to help by offering human trafficking resources like housing, therapy, and healing services. The hope is that they reach out for help before it is too late.

Human Traffickers Pick Out Vulnerable Girls on Social Media

Human traffickers are smart and pick up on the language that young women use on social media. They play on weaknesses, tell girls that they look like models, get into their heads, and lure them into a web of friendship before pouncing. Reports also show that traffickers actively recruit young women and teens who are not happy at Home.

Human Trafficking Profits Billions Annually

The more money one has, the more they can build protections to slip out of the web of police confiscation. Annually, trafficking brings in over $150 billion, and most of that is from the sex trafficking and exploitation industry.

More Calls for Help

The Human Trafficking Hotline received more calls from California for help in the last few years. However, California was followed by Texas and Florida.

Bringing Human Traffic Victims Into the United States

About 50,000 human traffic victims are brought into the United States, typically from the Philippines and Mexico.

As you can see, with only 1% of victims being saved, there is much work to do to locate and protect these young people. Human Traffickers are getting savvier in recruiting and approaching victims. These are statistics that everyone should know. Although this information is jarring, it will go far in saving more people from these terrible crimes.