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Here’s How Muslim Women Prepare for Traveling

Ready for the holiday season?

With exams coming to an end, traveling is surely an option for those of us who want to have a fun break!

But if you’re a Muslim revert, for example, chances are you still don’t know how you can prepare for traveling. 

No worries! We asked Muslim women how they prepare for traveling, and the answers will help you! 

Scroll down to Team #6 if you want to miss all the fun and go to the actual advice. 😉

Team #1 – “Say No More!”

Robbing a bank 😋😋🙌🏾🙌🏾

— @nawaljamaaa

Honestly, sis, that’s really thoughtful of you. I mean, our parents and/or significant others should never be our ATMs 24/7! They need to celebrate the holiday season, too!

Make istikhara first 😜😂

— @____Maroua____

You know, that’s a wise move — until you get a sign not to travel. Sis, Tara’s been waiting on my Istikhara, and now her reaction is going to be tragic!

Est ce que les sushi en France c’est halal ou haram

— @wisssouu95

Wait, I’m being serious now! Do we have halal and haram sushi? I thought seafood was always halal. OMG! What if my life turned out to be a lie!

To those who need the translation, Google Translate will help. Language is no longer a barrier. Period.

Team #2 – “Calling On Aunties!”

By getting married first 🙄😂😂

— @zennyakhtar

(To the auntie in the masjid) “That’s what she said.”

Get a husband so I have a mahram

— @r.ruru16

Saudi Arabia allowed women to live and travel without a guardian. This is your sign, sis! You don’t need a mahram! Travel and have fun!

Get married

— @aishwildin

Honestly, I can’t help but think about all the aunties out there who are rubbing their hands right now while reading your statement!

Team #3 – “Let’s Not Involve Aunties in This”

Lie to the parents

— @Chaisalterego

I know this is unethical to say, but honestly, you know the trip is going to be the best when you have to lie to the parents!

I just wanna travel with my husband, so I feel safe and I can be clingy like a glue with him 🤣🥰

— @hasniraudini

Beware of envious aunties! The evil eye is everywhere! Allah bless you and your husband insha’Allah!

By dressing like a 🥷 so the aunty don’t find me

— @la__tifa123

Sis, you’re doing it right. Believe me, this is exactly what we need to do at this point to stop this #AuntieIssue.

Team #4 – “Life Is Hard, Sis”

Being overly nice

— @layandoesthings

Being overly nice is an extreme sport, sis! Rooting for you!

I don’t travel 😭

— @naijagirl_01

Sis, this has been my life for so long that I forgot what fun feels like! And this is definitely not the adulthood that I signed up for as a kid!

I emotionally prepare for TSA 😢

— @_carneliannkisses_

TSA sucks. But one day we’ll draw a UNO reverse card on them, I’m optimistic!

I simply don’t. I’m too lazy, plus I got exams coming so it’s a no from me

— @nafizahossainsneha

Procrastinating traveling? Life couldn’t be more disappointing!

Hijabs, hijabs, spare scarfs and outfits…the amount of hijabs that’ve gotten damaged 😩

— @_afya.karim_

Damaged? No hijab gets damaged, sis! (Hides all of the damaged hijabs that end up being repurposed)

Get my self-defense tools ready, the tool depends on the country and if it’s legal or not

— @the_daily_bakery_1

This is truly interesting — until you’re a woman wearing a hijab on your head and looking like an Arab. Now this doesn’t sound legit, even if it is.

It’s just normal (but maybe a bit lonely 😂)

— @e.ak_7

Does that have anything to do with not having a spouse? If you need help from an auntie, I can add you to Team #2!

Team #5 – “Oh C’mon…”

Same as any other woman… 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @noura.senno

So do you relate to the “one bag and go” type of woman, or do you relate to the “pack my wardrobe and go?”

We’re not here for the generics, sis. We want details — juicy details!

You prepare like any other person would…

— @aliyah Sarkar

No, I don’t prepare like any other person. I don’t even prepare in the first place, sis!

Team #6 – “I Understood the Assignment”

I always get my Muslim swimsuit out hahaha!

— @ayeshaa.khann

Good for you because that’s exactly what I forget. Every. Single. Time.

But the upside is, you get the privilege of showing up with a new swimsuit every single time!

Get the perfect hijab that matches my outfits 💅

— @whicyoshi

You understood the assignment, sis! *Hijab flip* Packing prayers, mama!

Plenty of hijab caps and hijabs, and I put them alongside outfits to make sure they match

— @yasmin_alnajar

You’re packing the whole entire wardrobe for just 7 days, sis. It’s just 7 days.

Halal snacks 😋

— @yasmin_alnajar

Why take halal snacks when you can seize this as your chance to start a healthy diet without our halal guilty pleasure?

Plan my journey. Find the nearest masjid and halal shops. Muslim travel pages help a lot. Do research where I want to go and network with other Muslim women who have been there

— @yasmin_alnajar

This is insightful! Thank you for sharing this with us and your Muslim sisters!

Pack my prayer mat 😘🙃

— @rachelle_hachem

Yes! Forget that swimsuit, sis — but not the prayer mat!

Wet napkins that are usable for babies

— @rferyals

As a single person, I can’t imagine the struggle. But I’m really rooting for you!

LOTS of undercaps in case I can’t wash them so I don’t end up rewearing sweat/oil, no breakouts. Climate!!! Only packing light fabrics so I can still layer in hot places

— @lowkey_neemah

That’s smart! But does that overstuffed suitcase over there have a say in this?

Don’t wear anything that’ll give them an excuse to pull you over. Chunky boots, things with pockets, etc.

— @butch_ricardo

Yes! Thank you for sharing this so that your sisters can keep it in mind.

Definitely check out halal restaurants nearby or something lmao and like learn how to say “is this halal?” in their language

— @hanna0.0sophia

That’s so much effort when the word halal would still be “halal” in any other language because it’s an Islamic concept.

Mentally hype myself up, and stay in visible/populated areas, I don’t go to secluded places

— @a.ola.c

Safety comes first, sis! I totally agree.

Have a fully loaded powerbank, back-up credit cards, hotel in a central safe place and have fun!

— @soul.een

Sis, you understood that assignment! Period!

Wear a single layer top so they can clearly see Taliban is in fact NOT under my cardigan

— @danyasalem19

The world treats us as though we come to their countries with our swimsuits to invade or something when all we think about is the food and the beach. Sad.

Pack 3 days before the trip!! Always!!

— @_rana.mohamed_____

That’s what my mom said. I wish I could relate but I don’t.

Take a jug for the toilet

— @fatima_patelx

Portable shatafas can really work as well.

Clothes clothes clothes

— @maimunahusain

“I want. The. Whole. Wardrobe!”

The Bottom Line

Preparing for traveling can differ from one person to another, depending on their priorities. 

So make sure you keep a list of your priorities and the activities you would like to do when you travel so that you won’t forget to pack any of your essentials.

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