These 14 “Muslim” Pick-Up Lines Will Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, fam! For those of you without a date (take it easy, haram police, you know it’s happening), we’ve compiled some of the cringiest Muslim pick-up lines to keep you far away from the plethora of heart-shaped chocolates and paraphernalia. At least until tomorrow. Hello, discount candy!

These one-liners will make you cry, they’ll make you laugh, but most of all, they’ll make you semi-grateful that you’re single on anti-single day:

1. “Sup, Boy! That’s a Hard Pass!”

2. The Only Thing Haram Is This Pick Up Line

3. At Least He’s Honest?

4. Mecca Me Hurl

5. Staying Single Forever, TBH

6. Tired of These Pick Up Lines, Maybe

7. Allah’s Gon’ Keep It That Way


9. Someone Come Get Ya Mans

10. Somewhere, The Haram Police Is Imploding

11. Wow

12. Make. It. Stop.

13. I Can’t Even, At This Point

14. Only The OGs Will Get This