5 Tips For Making Friends As An Expatriate

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It is very easy to walk into a social gathering and go straight to your comfort table; that special table where all your friends and family are sitting.

See, I wasn’t always good at making friends, but with time, I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and start talking to new people.

When moving to another country, state, or even city, the best way for you to start adapting to the environment is by making new friends. You learn something new about them, and even yourself in the process. New friends expose you to new ideas, opportunities, and adventures.

Below are my five favorite tips for making friends while living as an expatriate:

1. Start reaching out to people you may already know.

Call or text them and reacquaint yourself with them. Maybe even find them on social media. Be honest and let them know you just moved here and would love to hang out.

2. Be open to all types of people.

Don’t judge or just look for those friends that are exactly like you. This is your opportunity to venture out and meet people from all walks of life.

3. Get yourself out there.

If you have kids, use their school as a resource to meet other parents. Join the school’s parent teacher association or take any volunteer opportunity you get.

4. If you happen to get into a “clique” like group...

…Usually the conversations will be dominated by those in the group already. You need to observe and listen first, then join in on the conversation. You don’t want to be too pushy or nosy if you just met them.

5. Don’t worry about making a good impression.

Just be yourself, and friends will follow!