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Here’s Why Muslim Women Influencers Are Ditching Makeup

Muslim women influencers on TikTok have begun addressing how their physical appearance, specifically their use of makeup, directly affects their relationship with Allah (SWT).  The use of cosmetics is meant to beautify a woman. But, when using makeup to gain followers and attraction becomes the primary purpose, it creates self-doubt. It even forces women to…

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8 Modest Fashion TikTok Influencers You Should Follow

Whether you want to keep up with the latest modest fashion trends, or you’re just in need of some inspiration this Eid Al Adha, TikTok is a great place to start. From making modest looks to trending outfits to styling your hijab in so many different ways, these eight influencers have got you covered with…


9 Gen Z Muslim Women That Are Taking Over the Internet

The youth of today are nothing like those that have come before us. We — Gen Z Muslim women — are opinionated, badass, and never afraid of being too “out there.” And with most of us using social media to document our daily lives, workouts, or even what we had for lunch, it’s pretty normal…