Gen Z Muslim Women

9 Gen Z Muslim Women That Are Taking Over the Internet

The youth of today are nothing like those that have come before us. We — Gen Z Muslim women — are opinionated, badass, and never afraid of being too “out there.” And with most of us using social media to document our daily lives, workouts, or even what we had for lunch, it’s pretty normal now to gain a following from it. This is no exception for our Muslim sisters, who are absolutely killing it right now, on all sides of TikTok!

We’ve scoured the internet and compiled the top nine Gen Z Muslim women that are currently breaking the internet across social media platforms. Check it out below, and give these fierce women a follow!

1. Leana Deeb

Instagram, @leanadeebb

This workout queen is of Palestinian and Uruguayan heritage. Leana has gained fame on TikTok and Instagram from posting workouts both for gym-goers and those at home.

She is one of only a few influencers who show their fans that even they sweat and find workouts hard! Recently signing with Gymshark, Leana keeps it real with her followers about taking rest days. She stresses that you must listen to your body, and treat it accordingly. Leana has become extremely popular with over 1 million teenagers who try her workouts and supplements that she recommends. Keep killing it, Leana!

2. Laila Tahri

Instagram, @lailatahri

Another Gen Z Muslim woman taking Instagram by storm is Taekwondo athlete Laila Tahri.

Laila has amassed over 340k followers, through posting her warm-up and workout routines, whilst fully dressed in modest activewear. As this is a problem many of us sisters face when exercising in public, Laila has become a fashion inspiration for Muslims around the world. A Women’s Best athlete, she tends to do workouts in open yet photogenic spaces, like the beach.

Laila also has a following on YouTube, where she posts vlogs, fitness advice videos, and also hijab tutorials!

3. Jamad Fiin

Instagram, @_jamaaad

Rising to fame as the hijabi who played basketball in a skirt, Jamad from Boston is a Somali hooper that deserves all the hype surrounding her.

She started playing basketball from a young age and continued through her college days. As a Muslim woman growing up in America, Jamad is well aware of the stigma surrounding us playing sports. She founded Jamad Basketball Camps — which takes place on the East Coast — to inspire more Muslim girls to take part in sports clubs and join the school teams. She has also recently signed with StockX.

We can’t wait to see what else Jamad goes on to do!

4. Frishta Ghaderi

Instagram, @frishtag_

A young Gen Z Muslim woman from the UK, Frishta began posting makeup tutorials on TikTok over two years ago.

She quickly became popular with her stunning eyeshadow looks and costume makeup. Frishta has amassed over a million followers across various platforms. She has worked with brands such as NARS, and is constantly sharing makeup tips. Her Instagram contains more of her fashion content, with her modest outfits often matching her intricate eye art.

5. Jahanara Rahman


Also from the UK, Jahanara has been providing us with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content for years!

Jahanara’s profiles have become a place of inspiration for young women after regularly posting makeup videos. As a South Asian influencer who has always been open about her struggles with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), she has also given young Muslim women a figure to look up to, and take advice from. Jahanara also posts vlogs on TikTok, as she navigates through life as a full-time influencer, in addition to being a wife and mother.

6. Batul Bazzi

Instagram, @bazzibatul

Batul is best known for her aesthetic outfits and GRWM videos, which have grown her platform drastically in the past two years.

She posts modest yet stylish outfits, incorporating many different styles that appeal to most Gen Z girls. She has started her own clothing line, Batul The Collection, which is very much in demand. She can also be seen modeling for several well-known brands such as Nike and Gucci, making her one of the first hijabi models to be featured in Western campaigns. You go, girl!

7. Hajar Larbah

Instagram, @moribyan

Hajar is one of the most popular chefs on TikTok, with over 3 million followers. Her profile features vibrant and mouth-watering homemade dishes, which are all quite easy and convenient to make.

Hajar’s recipes range from beautiful Arab and North African dishes to tasty South American food. She showcases both sweet and savory dishes on her platforms, different from most chefs online who tend to provide recipes for dishes of one of the two types. She also creates content for those who are vegetarian to show that a dish can taste great and be nutritional even without meat. We’re excited to see what dishes Hajar has in store for us during Ramadan!

8. Maryam (Lillmaz)

TikTok, @llilmaz

Maryam gained popularity overnight, as one of her comedic skits on TikTok went viral, and received over 50 million views.

Along with her increased popularity came lots of hate comments. But as the comedian she is, Maryam returned to TikTok as Lillmaz and embraced her quirks, which did nothing but make us love her more! Maryam now has over 3 million followers and regularly posts videos roasting herself or showing her new makeup looks. She also speaks up about several attitudes and problems within the political world and the South Asian community, especially towards those who are more creative with their fashions and outlook.

9. Saf (The Hoodjabi)

TikTok, @the_hoodjabi_

Gaining popularity on TikTok in 2020, Saf is one of the drippiest Muslim girls around!

Saf posts dance videos and comedy videos on TikTok, but she has ultimately become known for her streetwear-inspired outfits and great choice of matching sneakers. Her most viewed video is of her dancing in a Moroccan djellaba (long dress) to Nirvana in Jordans with a chain and watch. This viral video gave Saf a platform of nearly a million followers, most of which are teenagers. The Hoodjabi stays up-to-date with trends on TikTok and often posts funny Islamic versions. Her profile is a place of nothing but good vibes and smiles all around.

All of these Gen Z Muslim women are using their platforms to spread positivity and happiness. We wish them nothing but success with their platforms and future ventures, In Sha Allah!

Who are your favorite Muslim social media stars? Shoot us a DM on Twitter or Instagram and let us know!