Sara Zayed: The Perks of Being a Hijabi

At the annual Hijab Fest, the hottest modest clothing is showcased, paired with inspirational and spiritual talks such as that of guest speaker Sara Zayed, who spoke of the Muslim-American hijabi experience. Living in a society where hijab isn’t the norm, often associated with Islamophobic and racist ideas, is no easy task. It is so…


Who Defines Liberation?

Liberation has always been a hot topic. Liberation isn’t an ideal, but a journey; it means to break the inevitable chains of societal norms and to rise above whatever causes one pain or hardship. For Muslim women living in Western society, it is particularly hard to decide where to turn when the question of liberation…


Rasulullah’s Legacy: The Well of Zam-Zam

The legacy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) does not start from his first revelation that began his prophethood, nor does it start from his birth – but it starts from Ibrahim (Abraham) (AS) and his journey into Egypt. It is with that fated journey with the Will of Allah (SWT) that a man would be born who will change the world.